University of Leipzig,
Leipzig, Germany
12-16 September 2010
A special issue of:
AIP Conference Proceedings, 1330 (2011)
Diffusion Fundamentals, volume 14 (2010)
Edited by:
Paola Fantazzini
Villiam Bortolotti
Jörg Kärger
Petrik Galvosas
The Meeting was organized by
with the further support of:
University of Leipzig
University of Bologna
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Fonds der Chemischen Industrie
Bruker BioSpin GmbH
W. R. Grace & Co.
Magritek Limited
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Matthias Appel
Farida Grinberg
YiQiao Song
Ioan Ardelean
Genevieve Guillot
Monika Schönhoff
Christoph Arns
Songi Han
Joseph Seymour
Bruce Balcom
Martin Hürlimann
Siegfried Stapf
Peter Basser
Michael Johns
Janez Stepisnik
Peter Blümler
Jukka Jokisaari
Boqin Sun
Melanie Britton
Jörg Kärger
Rustem Valiullin
Robert J.S. Brown
Igor Koptyug
Henk van As
Paul Callaghan
Katsumi Kose
Sergey Vasenkov
Federico Casanova
Giuseppe Maddinelli
Kathryn Washburn
Paola Fantazzini
Ross Mair
Petrik Galvosas
Nikolaus Nestle
Christian Chmelik
Lutz Moschkowitz
Daria Kondrashova
Marcel Gratz
Rustem Valiullin
Grit Kalis
Frank Stallmach
Markus Wehring
Tom Kirchner
Anne KristinPusch
Florian Hibbe
Muslim Dvoyashkin
Carsten Horch
Tobias Titze
Tomas Binder
Stefan Schlayer
Karen Friedemann
Siegfried Stapf
Marko Bertmer
Sergej Naumov
Nikolaus Nestle
Jürgen Haase
Steffen Beckert
Gert Klotzsche
Philipp Zeigermann

The Conference was divided into 15 Sessions.
The Chairs were as follows:

Tutorial session
Chair: Eiichi Fukushima

Plenary talks
Chair: Jörg Kärger

Micro­and Nanostructured Materials
Chair: Paola Fantazzini

Novel Techniques, Pulse Sequences, and Spin Dynamics I
Chair: Denis Grebenkov

Porous Media in Renewable Resources and Food Science
Chair: Gert­Jan Goudappel

Media in Environmental Science
Chair: Sabina Haber­Pohlmeier

Porous Media in Medicine
Chair: Silvia Capuani

Connected Porous Systems and Multidimensional NMR Approaches I
Chair: Dimitri Bytchenkoff

Fluids in Porous Media I
Chair: Martin Hürlimann

Novel Techniques, Pulse Sequences, and Spin Dynamics II
Chair: Giuseppe Maddinelli

Connected Porous Systems and Multidimensional NMR Approaches II
Chair: Jean­Pierre Korb

Chair: Bernhard Blümich

Chair: Achim Gädke

Fluids in Porous media II
Chair: RustemValiullin

Chair: Mark Conradi

NMR relaxation and petrophysical properties
Marc Fleury

Perspectives on porous media MR in clinical MRI
E. E. Sigmund


Intracellular confinement of magnetic nanoparticles by living cells: Impact for imaging and therapeutic applications
Florence Gazeau, Michael Lévy, and Claire Wilhelm

Detecting fleeting MRI signals with frequency-modulated pulses
Naoharu Kobayashi, Djaudat Idiyatullin, Curtis Corum, Steen Moeller, Ryan Chamberlain, Robert O'Connell, Donald R. Nixdorf, and Michael Garwood

Characterization of emulsions by PFG-NMR
Geir H. Sørland

Random walks in model brain tissue
Farida Grinberg, Ezequiel Farrher, Ana-Maria Oros-Peusquens, and N. J. Shah

Relaxation analysis of porous media at high magnetic field strengths: The influence of internal gradients
J. Mitchell, T. C. Chandrasekera, S. T. Roberts, D. J. Holland, A. Blake, E. J. Fordham and L. F. Gladden

Phase state and dynamics of fluids in mesoporous solids
Rustem Valiullin

Hyperpolarized NMR in single-file nanotubes
C. R. Bowers, C.-Y. Cheng, T. C. Stamatatos, and G. Christou

Large-scale NMR measurements in porous media
Anatoly Legchenko and Jean-Michel Vouillamoz


MRI and PGSE NMR studies of long-range, pore-pore interaction effects in gas adsorption
Iain Hitchcock, Sean Rigby, John Chudek, Liz Holt, and John Lowe

Loading-dependent transport properties of zeolitic imidazolate frameworks probed by in-situ PFG NMR
Pavel Kortunov, Zheng Ni, Charanjit Paur, Sebastian Reyes, and John Zengel

MAS PFG NMR studies of mixtures in porous materials
Marcel Gratz, Stefan Hertel, Markus Wehring, Stefan Schlayer, Frank Stallmach, and Petrik Galvosas

Pulsed-gradient spin-echo monitoring of restricted diffusion in multilayered structures: Challenges and solutions
Denis S. Grebenkov

Magnetic resonance imaging and relaxometry as tools to investigate water distribution in soils
Paméla F. Faure, Eric Michel, Stéphane Sammartino, and Claude Doussan

Water flow investigation on quartz sand with 13-interval stimulated echo multi slice imaging
Natascha Spindler, Andreas Pohlmeier, and Petrik Galvosas

Determination of soil hydraulic properties using magnetic resonance techniques and classical soil physics measurements
Laura R. Stingaciu, Lutz Weihermüller, Andreas Pohlmeier, Siegfried Stapf, and Harry Vereecken

Probing wettability in carbonate rocks by multi-frequency NMR relaxation
J.-P. Korb, B. Nicot, and P. Ligneul

Multiscale dynamics of ionic liquids confined in ionogel membrane for lithium batteries
D. Petit, J.-P. Korb, P. Levitz, J. Le Bideau, D. Guyomard, and A. Vioux

Determination of the spatial location of coke in catalysts by a novel NMR approach
Navin Gopinathan, Sean Rigby, Malcolm Greaves, John Lowe, Joseph Wood, and Leilei Dong

Improving estimates of nuclear-spin relaxation time (T1) in surface-NMR experiments
Jan O. Walbrecker, Marian Hertrich, and Alan G. Green

Diffusion NMR of fluids confined to mesopores under high pressures
Philipp Zeigermann, Muslim Dvoyashkin, Roger Gläser, and Rustem Valiullin

Real-time detection of polymerization reactions with hyperpolarized xenon at low magnetic fields
Stefan Glöggler, Bernhard Blümich, and Stephan Appelt

A systematic approach to the design, fabrication and testing of permanent magnets applied to single-sided NMR
Cedric Hugon, Guy Aubert, and Dimitris Sakellariou

Solid-state NMR on polymers under mechanical stress
Ute Böhme, Karsten Gelfert, and Ulrich Scheler

Mobile permanent magnet NMR systems for field studies on Antarctic Sea ice
Achim Gädke and Robin Dykstra


A T2 D TDNMR Study of Skin
Julian Bent, Joanna Lee, Nikki Carpenter, Tim Benson

Structure of the TwoDimensional NMR Relaxation Spectra of Porous Materials
Dimitri Bytchenkoff, Stephane Rodts

Solid State 1H and 13C MAS NMR Investigations of European Coals
Fu Chen, Eva Schieferstein, Jörg Matysik

1H T2-T2 Exchange Measurements in Low Field NMR
Marcel d’ Eurydice, Paul Callaghan, Petrik Galvosas, Tito J. Bonagamba

Hydrology Studies of Heap Leaching Columns Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Marijke Antonia Fagan, Michael Johns

Drying of Starch, Gelatin and Paint: A Comparative Study
Sushanta Ghoshal, Carlos Mattea, Stephan Kruber, Paul Denner, Siegfried Stapf

Real Time Investigation of the Film Formation of Gelatin Biopolymer Using SingleSided LowField NMR Relaxometry
Sushanta Ghoshal, Carlos Mattea, Paul Denner, Siegfried Stapf

Effect of Crystallization Inhibitors on Drying Behavior of Porous Building Materials
Sonia Gupta, Leo Pel, Alison Sawdy

Two dimensional Exchange Experiments of Natural Porous Media with Portable Halbach Magnets
Agnes Haber, Sabina HaberPohlmeier, Federico Casanova, Bernhard Blümich

Feasibility Study of NMR and XRay CT Based Pore Space Characterisation of Drill Cuttings
Wiete Hübner, Thomas Wonik

Freezing and Melting Behaviour of Fluids in Random Mesopores
Daria Kondrashova, Rustem Valiullin

Pulsed NMR Measurements of the Water Adsorption on Chitosan Samples Dried in Different Conditions
Olga Krasilnikova, Elena Khozina, Natalya Serebryakova, Olya Solovtsova, Sergey Shinkarev, Tatyana Grankina

NMR Diffusion Correlation and Exchange Spectroscopy in Inhomogeneous Fields
Oliver Neudert, Carlos Mattea, Siegfried Stapf

How to Quantify Spatial Ordering of Permeable Membranes Using TimeDependent Diffusion MR
Dmitry Novikov, Els Fieremans, Jens H Jensen, Joseph A. Helpern

Imaging of Water and Water Vapor Uptake in Thin Nylon Films
Nico Reuvers, Henk Huinink, Hartmut Fischer, Olaf Adan, Klaas Kopinga

Dynamic Correlations Between Susceptibility Gradients and T2 Relaxation as a Probe for Wettability Properties of Liquid Saturated Rock Cores
John Georg Seland, Tina Pavlin

2D Relaxation and Diffusion Measurements of Biofouled Porous Media
Sarah Vogt, Sarah Codd, Joseph Seymour

MRI Analysis of the Interactions Between Moisture Transfers and Hydration Occurring During the Repair Procedure of an Aging Concrete
Biyun Wang, Paméla Faure, Mickaël Thiery, Véronique BaroghelBouny

Anisotropic Self Diffusion of CO2 and CH4 in the Microporous Imidazolate MOF IMOF1
Markus Wehring, Tino Viertel, Franziska Debatin, Frank Stallmach

Rheo NMR Investigations on Polymer Melts and Polymer Clay Nanocomposite
Ute Böhme, Bo Xu, Johannes Leisen, Haskell Beckham, Ulrich Scheler

Following a LowMobility/ HighConfinement Liquid FID Component During the Hydration of White Portland Cement
Villiam Bortolotti, Robert James Sidford Brown, Paola Fantazzini, Mirko Gombia

A Study of Silver Species on SilverExchanged Chabazite, ETS10 and Mordenite by XRD, SEM and SolidState 109Ag/29Si/27Al NMR Spectroscopy
Fu Chen, Yan Liu

Obtaining Pore Size Distribution of Industrial Particulate Filters via the NMRMOUSE
Martin Dabrowski, Oscar Sucre, Mauermann Peter, Michael Wittler, Bernhard Blümich

Characterization of Porous Media at 17.6 Tesla Preliminary Results
Johannes Dornblut, Thomas Kampf, Peter M. Jakob, Volker C. Behr

NMR Diffusometry and MAS NMR Spectroscopy of Functionalized Mesoporous Proton Conductors
Dieter Freude, Monir Sharifi, Michael Wark, Jürgen Haase

Calcium Silicate Hydrate Gel Evolution of Mineral Endodontic Cements Studied by TDNMR
Mirko Gombia, Villiam Bortolotti, Sebastiano Andreana, Boris De Carlo, Silvano Zanna, Giuseppe Pitzolu, Romano Mongiorgi, Paola Fantazzini

Calibrating dPFG Filtered MRI Using a Novel Anisotropic Diffusion Phantom
Michal Komlosh, Evren Ozarslan, Martin Lizak, Ferenc Horkay, Peter Basser

Physical State of Model Drugs in Mesoporous Confinement
Gregor Mali, Tina Ukmar, Aljaz Godec, Venceslav Kaucic, Miran Gaberscek

Frequency Dependent NMR Relaxation of Polymeric Nanocapsules
Ruben Emanuel Nechifor, Carlos Mattea, M. Bogdan, Siegfried Stapf, Ioan Ardelean

Pulsed NMR Study of Carbon Adsorbents with Homogeneous Porosity Synthesized with Aluminum Oxide as a Template
A.S. Pogosjan, Olga Krasilnikova, Vladimir D. Skirda, Ruslan Arkhipov, Anatoly Ivanov, Elena Khozina

NMR Reveals the Local Structure and the Chemical Properties of the Inner Surfaces of Mesoporous Materials
Ilya G. Shenderovich, Daniel Mauder, DilekAkcakayiran, HansHeinrich Limbach, Gerd Buntkowsky, Gerhard H. Findenegg

Permeability of Modified Polyelectrolyte Capsules Studied by PFG NMR
Nora Sporenberg, Jessica Guddorf, Monika Schönhoff

NMR Studies of the Mobility of Carbon Dioxide and Hydrocarbons in Nanoporous Coordination Polymers
Frank Stallmach, Steffen Beckert, Stefan Hertel, Carsten Horch, AnneKristin Pusch, Markus Wehring

Characterization of PolyolStabilized CaF2 Nanoparticles and Structural Investigations by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Raiker Witter, Marcus Roming, Ago Samoson, Claus Feldmann, Anne S. Ulrich

Chemical Composition Measurements in Trickle Bed Reactors Using 13CDEPT NMR and Partial Least Squares Regression
Fernando Abegao, Andrew Sederman, Daniel Holland, Lynn Gladden

3D MRI of Cavitation in Pipe Flow
AlexAdair, Igor Mastikhin, Benedict Newling

Relaxation of Polar and Nonpolar Molecules Confined Inside Partially Saturated Porous Media with Ferromagnetic Impurities
Ioan Ardelean, Marius Simina, Sergiu Muncaci

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Logging While Drilling: From an Experiment to a Day to Day Service for the Oil Industry
Martin Blanz, Thomas Kruspe, Holger Frank Thern, Gerhard Alfons Kurz

MultiScale Moisture Transport in Hardened Cement Pastes and Reference Porous Silicate Materials
Houria Chemmi, Dominique Petit, Pierre Levitz, JeanPierre Korb, Corine TournéPéteilh, JeanMarie Devoisselle

Molecular Transport on Surfaces Access to Surface Heterogeneity
Muslim Dvoyashkin, Jörg Kärger, Rustem Valiullin

Low Field High Pressure NMR Porosimetry
Carsten Horch, AnneKristin Pusch, Pim A. J. Donkers, Frank Stallmach

Water Migration in MultiLayered Coatings
Henk Huinink, Viktor Baukh, Bart Erich, Olaf Adan, Leo Ven, Klaas Kopinga

Using NMR Propagator Measurements to Probe CO2 Entrapment in Porous Media
Rehan Hussain, Thomas Pintelon, Jonathan Mitchell, Michael Johns

Fluid Dynamics on Undisturbed Soil Sample Investigated by NMR
Vladimira Jelinkova, Michal Snehota, Dagmar van Dusschoten, Andreas Pohlmeier, Milena Cislerova

Rapid Imaging of the Hydration of Surfactant Formulations
Iain Lingwood, Michael Johns

Induced Surface Modifications on Core Plugs Followed by NMR Relaxometry
Giuseppe Maddinelli, Lucilla del Gaudio, Iole Moroni, Franco Masserano

Diffusion and Advection Effects on 3D Tracer Distributions in Heterogeneous Porous Media
Florea Marica, Sergio Andrés Bea Jofré, Ulrich Mayer, Bruce Balcom, Tom Al

MRI Measurement of the Void Fraction and Velocity Field in an Acoustically Cavitated Liquid
Igor Mastikhin, Aidin Arbabi, Benedict Newling, Alex Adair, Abdelhaq Hamza

Dynamics of Ionic Liquids in Porous Media Studied by NMR
Carlos Mattea, Siegfried Stapf

Imaging Fluid Displacement in Porous Media Using T2 Mapping SESPI
Colleen Muir, Geir Ersland, Oleg Petrov, Arne Graue, Bruce Balcom

Diffusion of Ionic Fluids in Porous Media Studied by Unconventional Diffusion NMR Techniques
Oliver Neudert, Carlos Mattea, Siegfried Stapf

NMR Relaxometry and Imaging of Polymer/Cement Dispersions
Alexandra M. Olaru, Bernhard Blümich, Alina Adams

The Behaviour of Gypsum and Concrete Under Fire Conditions as Studied by NMR: the First Direct Proof of Moisture Clogging
Leo Pel, Gijs van der Heijden, Henk Huinink

NMR Imaging of Water Flow in Packed Beds
Wassim Salameh, Sebastien Leclerc, Didier Stemmelen, JeanMarie Escanye

Ionic Liquids as Solvent Probes for NMR Cryoporometry
Peter Schulz

NMR Studies of Fluid Flow within Fractured Porous Media
Ether Sham, Michael Johns

Imaging of Undisturbed Soil Samples by Three NonInvasive Methods
Michal Snehota, Vladimira Jelinkova, Martina Sobotkova, Peter Vontobel, Andreas Pohlmeier, Milena Cislerova

Nanoscopically Thin Polymer Films Adsorbed in Porous Metal Oxide Materials: Crossover from Bulk to 2D Dynamics
Siegfried Stapf, Santhosh AyalurKarunakaran

Reaction Monitoring Inside and Outside of MetalDoped Active Catalyst Pellets by Relaxation and Diffusion Measurements
Siegfried Stapf, Lisandro Buljubasich, Bernhard Blümich, Thomas Oehmichen, LeonidDatsevich, Andreas Jess

Measurement of Compressed Wooden Platelets
Bernhard Blümich, Max Blümich, Agnes Haber

Simple Single Sided Mobile NMR Apparatus with a Relatively Homogeneous B0 Distribution
WeiHao Chang, ChauYi Chung, Jyh Horng Chen, Lian Pin Hwang

Mobile MRI for In Line Inspection: Geometry of Rubber Profiles with Sub-Pixel Resolution
Ernesto Danieli, Klaus Berdel, Juan Perlo, Walter Michaeli, Ullrich Masberg, Bernhard Blümich, Federico Casanova

A Unilateral Magnet with an Extended Constant Magnetic Field Gradient
Juan Carlos García Naranjo, Igor Mastikhin, Bruce G. Colpitts, Bruce Balcom

Unilateral Mobile MR: Novel Magnet Design with a Large Field of View and Adjustability from Homogeneous Field to a Linear Gradient of up to 2 T/m
Fabian Gutjahr, Stefan Wintzheimer, Toni Drießle, Ralf Kartäusch, Michael Ledwig, Daniel Gensler, Peter Jakob, Florian Fidler

A Simple, Compact, and Efficient NMR Magnet
Edme Hardy

Towards Online RheoTD-NMR of Batch Polymerization Processes
Heike Herold, Edme Hardy, KarlHeinz Wassmer, Nikolaus Nestle

Method of Subtraction of the Regular Noise Realized in Hydroscope Device
Evgeny Kalneus, Vladimir Novoselov, Mikhail Bizin

OnLine Monitoring of Chemical Reactions in the Fume Hood
Simon K. Küster, Ernesto Danieli, Bernhard Blümich, Federico Casanova

Characterization of Complex Products by a Single Sided NMR Instrument
Giuseppe Maddinelli, Roberto Riva

Measuring High Resolution Skin Profiles with Optimum Contrast by Portable OneSided NMR
Jörg Mauler, Felix Schrader, Federico Casanova, Bernhard Blümich

UltraCompact MRI
Andrew McDowell Amanda McChesney, Judith Thorn

Unilateral NMR Study of Fat Stains on Textiles During Simulated Washing Processes
Nikolaus Nestle, Bernhard von Vacano, Roland Ettl

Morphology of Polyethylene Pipes Across the Wall: A Combined Low and High Field NMR Study
Ning Sun, Bernhard Blümich, Alina Adams

Low Field Portable NMR Studies of Wilting Leaves
Elena Talnishnikh, Henk van As

Low Noise RFFrontend with Flexible Microcoils for Mobile NMR Applications
Jan Watzlaw, Dennis Ellersiek, Uwe Schnakenberg

Capillary BloodFlow Analysis by Continuously Dissolved Hyperpolarized 129Xe and 1H Velocity MRI
Nadia Amor, Lavinia Utiu, Kathrin Hamilton, Markus Küppers, Ulrich Steinseifer, Thomas SchmitzRode,Stephan Appelt, Bernhard Blümich

A Complete Platform for PHIP Method
Gianni Ferrante, Francesca Reineri, Salvatore Bubici, Silvio Aime, Simona Baroni

Nuclear Magnetization as a Field
Stanislav Sykora

Entangled and LiquidLike Chain Discrimination on Model Polymer Networks Studied by Double Quantum CPMG Based Sequences
Rodolfo H. Acosta, María Belén Franzoni, Gustavo Monti

Performance of Two Sequence,Two Inversion Pulse PERFIDI Filters to Suppress and/or Quantify Relaxation Time Components in Multicomponent Systems
Villiam Bortolotti, Paola Fantazzini, Mirko Gombia, Danilo Greco, Giuseppe Rinaldin, Stanislav Sykora

Recovery of NoiseCorrupted NMR Data Acquired and Accumulated in Unstable Magnetic Field
Gianni Ferrante, Giuseppe Martini

A Fast Algorithm for Computing the PulsedGradient SpinEcho Signal in Multiscale Porous Media
Denis Grebenkov

Rapid Gradient Switching for MR/MRI
Hui Han, Bruce Balcom

Low Gradient Diffusion Editing
Timothy Hopper, Martin Hurlimann, Awni Hannun, Ralf Heidler, YiQiao Song

Acoustically Stimulated Magnetic Field Gradient NMR: a New Characterization Method for Determination of Fluid Transport Properties in Porous Media
Pavel Kortunov, Duncan Mardon, Robert Nielsen, Hans Thomann

Monitoring Ultrasound Processes of Crude Oil Products by Low Field NMR
Giuseppe Maddinelli, Angelo Carugati, Claudio Marini

Gigapascal NMR: A Novel Approach to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance at High Pressures in Anvil Cells
Thomas Meißner, Swee Kuan Goh, Damian Rybicki, Jürgen Haase

QT Inversion of Surface NMR data
Mike MüllerPetke,Ugur Yaramanci

Ultrafast Velocity Mapping in Planar MicroStructures
Eva Paciok, Federico Casanova, Bernhard Blümich

TwoDimensional T2 Mapping with Phase Encode MRI for Core Analysis
Oleg Petrov, Bruce Balcom

Cardinal Series as a Versatile Tool to Process NMR Signals of Porous Materials
Stephane Rodts, Dimitri Bytchenkoff

High Frequency Modulated Gradient Spin Echo Diffusion Measurements with Chemical Shift Resolution
John Georg Seland

Bipolar double PFG NMR Reveals Pore Morphology in Randomly Oriented Cylindrical Compartments and in Spherical Yeast Cells
Noam Shemesh, Evren Ozarslan, Peter Basser, Yoram Cohen

NMR Relaxometry: Spin Lattice Relaxation Times in the Laboratory Frame versus Spin Lattice Relaxation Times in the Rotating Frame
Emilie Steiner, Mehdi Yemloul, Laouès Guendouz, Sebastien Leclerc, Anthony Robert,Daniel Canet

High field MR Microimaging Investigation Gives More Insights on Spongy Bone Characteristics
Silvia Capuani, Silvia De Santis, Mauro Rebuzzi, Giulia Di Pietro, Bruno Maraviglia

High Field MR Evaluation of Internal Gradients in Porous Systems: SE versus DDIF Method
Giulia Di Pietro, Silvia Capuani

In Vivo Measurement of Membrane Permeability and Fiber Size in Calf Muscle Using TimeDependent DWI
Els Fieremans, Dmitry Novikov, Eric Sigmund, Jens H Jensen, Joseph A. Helpern

Water Diffusion q-space Imaging as a Probe of Cell Local Viscosity and Anomalous Diffusion in Grey and White Matter
Renaud Nicolas, Xavier Franceries, Florent Aubry, Nicolas Chauveau, François Chollet, Pierre Celsis

Water Diffusion Decay Imaging in Ischemic Human Stroke: Implication of the Role of Cytoskeletal Elements in Water Anomalous Diffusion
Renaud Nicolas, Xavier Franceries, Jérémie Pariente, Florent Aubry, Nicolas Chauveau, François Chollet, Pierre Celsis

Weakly Restricted Diffusion Studies Using Polarized 3He at UltraLow Magnetic Field
Kayum Safiullin, PierreJean Nacher, Geneviève Tastevin

Detection of Karst Caverns and Estimation of their Volume Using Magnetic Resonance Soundings
Michael Ezerski, Anatoly Legchenko

Water Flow from Soil to Roots Investigated by MRI
Sabina HaberPohlmeier, Andreas Pohlmeier, Bernhard Blümich

Electrokinetic Desalination of Porous Building Materials: an NMR Study
Kashif Kamran, Leo Pel, Henk Huinink, Klaas Kopinga, Alison Sawdy

Incorporating Internal Gradient and Restricted Diffusion Effects in NMR log Interpretation
Lilong Li, Songhua Chen

Analysis of Spectral Influence of the NMR CWFP Parameters in Flow Quantitative Measurements
Antonio Marchi Netto, Luiz Colnago

Slow Flow in Natural Porous Media Monitored by MRI
Andreas Pohlmeier, Michel Bechtold, Sabina HaberPohlmeier

Metastable Sodium Sulfate Heptahydrate, as Studied by NMR
Tamerlan Saidov, Leo Pel

NMR SoilMoisture Sensor for Field Measurements
Oscar Sucre, Bernhard Blümich, Andreas Pohlmeier

Assessment of the Specific Surface Area of Fat Crystal Networks by Diffusion NMR
GertJan Goudappel