Victoria University of Wellington
Wellington, New Zealand
9-13 February 2014
A special issue of:
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, XX (2015)
Diffusion Fundamentals, volume 22 (2014)
Edited by:
Petrik Galvosas
Christoph Arns
Paola Fantazzini
Villiam Bortolotti
The Meeting was organized with
the further support of
Groupement AMPERE
Magritek Ltd
MR Solutions
MR Solutions Ltd
Oxford Instruments
Stelar Srl
The MacDiarmid Institute
University of Bologna
Victoria University of Wellinghton

Christoph Arns (Chair)
Frank Stallmach (Vice chair)
Paola Fantazzini
Peter McDonald
Petrik Galvosas
Andrew Coy
 Andrew McDowell
 Bernhard Blümich
 Bruce Balcom
 Carlos Mattea
 Christoph Arns
 Dagmar van Dusschoten
 Daniel Topgaard
 Dimitris Sakellariou
 Dominique Petit
 Edmund Fordham
 Eiichi Fukushima
 Farida Grinberg
 Frank Stallmach
 Gabriele E Schaumann
 Henk van As
 Igor Sersa
 John G Seland
 Jonathan Mitchell
 Leo Pel
 Lizhi Xiao
 Marc Fleury
 Martin Bencsik
 Michael Johns
 Paola Fantazzini
 Peter McDonald
 Petrik Galvosas
 Ravinath Kausik
 Robert J.S. Brown
 Sabine Haber-Pohlmeier
 Sarah Codd
 Sergey Vasenkov
 Tito  J. Bonagamba
 Villiam Bortolotti
Mark Hunter
 Andrew Coy
 Huabing Liu
 Stefan Hertel
 Fangrong Zong
 Tim Brox
 Sergei Obruchkov
 Bradley Douglass
 Stefan Kuczera

The Conference was divided into 15 Sessions.
The Chairs were as follows:

1-Tutorial Session
Chair: Andy Sederman

2-Connected porous systems/multidimensional NMR approaches/Petrophysics
Kathryn Washburn

3-Bio-Materials. Pharmaceuticals, Medicine and Food
N. Jon Shah

4-Colloquium on Mobile Magnetic Resonance (CMMR)
Bruce Balcom

5-Advances in Methodology and Novel Techniques
Ravinath Kausik

6-Plant, Soil Environmental Sciences
Dagmar van Dusschoten

Chair: Daniel Topgaard

8-Micro and Nano-structured Materials
Chair: Sergey Vasenkov

9-Chemical Engineering
Mike Johns

Robin Dykstra

11-Energy and Related Materials
Peter McDonald

Marcel Nogueira d'Eurydice

13-Advances in Methodology and Novel Techniques
Nikolaus Nestle

14-Connected porous systems/multidimensional NMR approaches/Petrophysics
Siegfried Stapf

15-Hardware Development
Carlos Mattea


1- Applications to Bio-Materials, Pharmaceuticals and Food

lnvestigation of Bovine Articular Cartilage using Low-Field NMR
E Rossler, C Mattea, S Stapf

Pore Size Estimation with Oscillating Gradient Spin Echo (OGSE) Diffusion NMR
B Siow, I Drobnjak, A lanus, I Christie, D Alexander

Accelerated diffusion spectrum imaging in the human brain using compressed sensing
M Menzel, J Sperl, E T Tan, T Sprenger, K Khare, K King, X Tao, C Hardy, L Marinelli

2- Applications to the Built Environment

Proton NMR relaxation to follow water transfers within composite as hemp lime concrete
P F Faure, U Peter, D Lesueur, P Coussot

The role of metastable heptahydrate in the crystallization damage of porous building materials
L Pel, T Saidov

Change to the morphology of cement paste by water- isopropanol exchange
R Kowalczyk, P McDonald

3- Applications to Cells, Gels and Soft Matter

Measurement and numerical simulation of MRI sensitivity when using mono-disperse microbubbles for fluid pressure interrogation
A Alrwaili, M Bencsik, D Fairhurst, R Morris,S D Evans, J McKendry

Velocity-Sensitised SPRITE of Foams
K J Bos, KG Wilson, B Newling

4- Applications to Energy and Related Materials

Probing individual saturations of crude-oil/brine/mud-filtrate mixings confined in rocks
L Benamsili, G Hamon, J-P Korb

Grain and Pore Size Determination by Bayesian Magnetic Resonance
D J Holland, J Mitchell, L Gladden

NMR Shape Analysis Method and Its Applications in Carbonate Formation
B Sun, M Skalinski

Connecting Flow Propagators to Petrophysical Properties of Reservoir Rocks
P M Singer, J Mitchell, E J Fordham

Continuous oil well logging: mean hydrocarbon chain length determination using diffusion distributions at multiple depths
M H Donaldson, D E Freed, Y-Q Song, L Zielinski

5- Applications of Hyperpolarisation and DNP

lmpurities in alkali-metal coating for hyperpolarised noble gases
K Ishikawa, B Patton

6- Advances in Methodology

An approximate analytical formula for the long time apparent diffusion coefficient
J-R Li, D Grebenkov, C Poupon, D Le Bihan

Correlation of Internal Gradients, Restricted Diffusion and Relaxation Time
T L An, L Z Xiao, H B Liu, Z F Zhang

Simulation of NMR response for porous medium based on reconstructed digital image
J Cheng, L Xiao, B Zhang

A Fast Three-Dimensional Inversion Procedure in Low-Field NMR
Z F Zhang, L Z Xiao, H B Liu, V Anferov, S Anferova

New ODE Model for diffusion MRI Signal
H T Nguyen, J-R Li, D Grebenkov

Effective diffusion tensor computed by homogenization
D V Nguyen, D Grebenkov, C Poupon, D Le Bihan, J-R Li

Diffusion Pore Imaging Using Temporally Asymmetric Gradients
F B Laun, T A Kuder, B Stieltjes, W Semmler

Long-narrow PGSE NMR: Evolution of a pulse sequence
S A Hertel, M Hunter, P Galvosas

Two-Dimensional T2-Distribution Mapping with Back· Projection MRI
F Han, J Paulsen, Y-Q Song

7- Colloquium on Mobile Magnetic Resonance (CMMR)

NMR using static and spinning permanent magnets
C Hugon, GAubert, K S Panesar, P Judeinstein, J-M Zanotti, D Lairez, D Sakellariou

A Novel Mobile NMR Instrument and Motion Correction of NMR Scanning Data
F Deng, L Xiao, H Liu, TAn

Medium-resolution flow-through NMR spectroscopy for on-line monitoring of biodiesel production under the fume hood
M Killner, Y Garro-Link, E Danieli, J Rohwedder, B BIUmich

8- Applications to Nano-Structured Materials

NMR pulse gradient spin echo measurement of self-diffusion in nano-pores
J Stepisnik, A Mohoric, B Fritzinger, U Scheler

Diffusion in mesoporous zeolites
Dirk Mehlhorn, Rustem Valiullin, Jorg Karger, Ryong Ryoo

Paramagnetic properties of N-doped porous titanium dioxide
A A Minnekhanov, E A Konstantinova, P K Kashkarov

NMR studies of flow and dispersion in H202 decomposition within a fixed-bed reactor
Q Gong, S Stapf

9- Applications to Plants, Soils and Earth Sciences

Slim-line logging NMR tool to measure soil moisture in situ
Josefina Perla, E Danieli, Juan Perla, B BIUmich, F Casanova

A Transportable NMR Imaging System for in-situ Measurements of Living Trees: The Tree Hugger
M Jones, P Aptaker, J Cox, B Gardiner, P McDonald

Effects on the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Relaxation Signal in Soil
M Dusch I, A Pohlmeier, H Vereecken

NMR Relaxometry of scleractinian corals to probe environmental changes
P Fantazzini, V Bertolotti, L Brizi, S Evangelisti, M Mariani, L Pasquini, M Vannini

10- Applications to Polymeric Materials

Spontaneous thermal convection in highly viscous samples
J Vieg, N Nestle, M KOppers, B BIUmich


1- Applications to Bio-Materials, Pharmaceuticals and Food

MRI study of hydrophilic xanthan tablets with incorporated model drug
U Mikac, S Baumgartner, A Sepe, J Krist I

Detection of beaded nerve fibers using d-PFG MRI
M E Komlosh, M D Budde, LA Holtzclaw, M Lizak, F Horkay, P J Basser

T1 MRI/NMR study of the.diffusion and equilibrium distribution of a MRI contrast agent in a polyelectrolyte solution; a model for cartilage
J Algotsson, D Topgaard, O Soderman

2- Applications to the Built Environment

Monitoring the pore size distribution of ultra strong concrete samples during the early stages of hydration via internal gradients
M Simina, A Pop, C Badea, I Ardelean

Li transport in cementitious materials as observed by NMR
S Venglovska, L Pel

Combined H, Na and CI imaging for understanding the transport in concrete
J Borgharts, R Pishkari, J Han

3- Applications to Cells, Gels and Soft Matter

Hydration properties of intelligent hydrogels studied by Low-field NMR
S Ghoshal, M Raue, C Mattea, B BIGmich, T Mang, S Stapf

Bubble Size Estimation in an Upward Vertical Bubbly Flow Using Pure Phase Encoding Magnetic Resonance Methods
A Arbabi, IV Mastikhin

4- Applications to Energy and Related Materials

Components Identification of Heavy Oils with Three-dimensional NMR
H B Liu, L Xiao, B Guo, H Yu, Z F Zhang, V Anferov, S Anferova

An NMR study of the anisotropic transport properties of uniaxially stretched membranes for fuel cells
M Klein, J-C Perrin, S Leclerc, L Guendouz, J Dillet, O Lattin

A new numerical tool to model NMR measurements on fluid-saturated rock
A Mutina, I Traskunov, N Evseev, A Demianov, O Dinariev

Estimation of Two-Phase Relative Permeability with MRI Measurements in Unsteady-State Flooding Experiments
G Liao, K Romanenko, F Marica, B J Balcom

Measuring wettability alteration in rock cores using correlations between diffusion, susceptibility gradients and T 2
A Lokkevik, K Djurhuus, J G Seland

5- Applications of Hyperpolarisation and DNP

Online monitoring of intelligent polymers using hyperpolarized xenon
S Gloeggler, M Raue, J Colell, P Tuerschmann, B BIGmich, S Appelt

6- Advances in Methodology

Robust estimator framework in diffusion tensor imaging
I Maximov, F Grinberg, N J Shah

An Efficient Method for the Analysis of High Dimensional Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data
F Ahmad, H W Park

NMR-relaxation spectroscopy of interstitial fluids in porous media
D Bytchenkoff, S Rodts

Diffusion measurements using RF train with an increasing echo time spacing in a constant gradient
I Sersa

Characterization of Internal Gradients Spatial Distribution Based on Random Packing Model
W Xu, L Xiao, H Liu

Magnetic Resonance Imaging with a Metallic Pressure Vessel
M Ouellette, B J Balcom

Yield stress fluid flows through porous media: Analysis of NMR, rheological and physical constraints for the design of a comprehensive NMR-PGSE study
T Chevalier, P Moucheront, P Coussot, S Rodts

D Xiao, B Balcom

Determination of dispersion coefficients by NMR: Confrontation between NMR measurements and stochastic simulation
M Ferrari, J-P Me rei, S Leclerc, C Moyne, D Stemmelen

7- Colloquium on Mobile Magnetic Resonance (CMMR)

In-line MR imaging with a mobile tomograph for industrial quality control
J Perlo, E Danieli, C MOlder, C Hopmann, B BIGmich, F Casanova

Moisture diffusion in ancient Roman frescoes
W Zia,T Meldrum, E Del Federico, C Kehlet, B BIGmich

Water content of concrete- application of a portable nuclear magnetic resonance system for water profiling
N Fischer, R Haerdtl, P J McDonald

8- Applications to Nano-Structured Materials

Diffusion of Light Gases in Carbon Molecular Sieve Membranes by Multinuclear Pulsed Field Gradient NMR
R Mueller, R Kanungo, M Kiyono-Shimobe, W J Koros, S Vasenkov

Gas Transport in Aluminosi/icate Nanotubes by Pulsed Field Gradient NMR and Molecular Dynamics Simulations
M Dvoyashkin, I Yucelen, S Nair, J Zang, D Sholl, A Katihar, S Vasenkov, C R Bowers

EPR study of Porous Tin Dioxide
E A Konstantinova, P K Kashkarov

9- Applications to Plants, Soils and Earth Sciences

Mobility of Organic Compounds in Humic Substances
K W Fomba, P Galvosas, U Roland, J Karger, F-D Kopinke

Simulating T2-T2 Exchange Processes in Mixed-Pore-Size Materials
J Mitchell, L Schwartz, D Johnson, T Chandrasekera, L Gladden

Application of Single Point Imaging Techniques to the Study of Liquid Distribution in Low Grade Copper Ore Systems
M A Fagan, M L Johns, J Mitchell, A J Sederman

Velocity field measurements in sedimentary rock cores by magnetization prepared 3D SPRITE
K Romanenko, D Xiao, B J Balcom

10- Applications to Polymeric Materials

Time-resolved study of the photo-curing process of dental resins with the NMR-MOUSE
A Marchi Netto, J Steinhaus, B Moeringer, B Hausnerova, B BIGmich


1- Applications to Bio-Materials, Pharmaceuticals and Food

Diffusion of bone marrow water in cancellous bone is non-Gaussian
V Di Marco, M Palombo, G Di Pietro, S Capuani

Molecular diffusion in crowded media
A Shakhov, J Karger, R Valiullin

The Effect of Lacidipine Confinement in SBA-15 Silica Mesopores Studied by NMR and QENS Techniques
A Kiwilsza, J Mielcarek, A Pajzderska, M A Gonzalez, J Wq_sicki

Measurements and Models of Hyperpolarised Gas Diffusion NMR in the Lungs
J Parra-Robles, J M Wild

2- Applications to the Built Environment

Time-Dependent Diffusion Coefficient Measurement of Electroosmotic Flow in Porous Media Using Electrophoretic Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
E Nybo, S L Codd, T R Brosten, R S Maier, J D Seymour

Influence of Ferrocyanide Ions on NoCI Crystallization in the Mixture of Salts
S Gupta, L Pel

1D & 2D H NMR Pulsed Field Gradient Diffusometry of Water in Cement Pastes
V V Rodin, S Zamani, P J McDonald

3- Applications to Cells, Gels and Soft Matter

NMR Relaxation and Water Self-Diffusion Studies in Sodium Polyacrylate Solution and Gel
R Bai, F Horkay, P Basser

4- Applications to Energy and Related Materials

lnvestigating pore to pore exchange in systems saturated with water and oil
S Naden, R Lewis, J G Seland

Thermochemical reactions studied by NMR
P A J Donkers, J F M van Rens, L Pel, 0 C G Ad an

High-throughput screening of metal-organic frameworks via NMR relaxometry for C0 2 capture
J J Chen, X Kong, K Sumida, M Manumpil, J Long, J Reimer

Magnetic Susceptibility Effects on NMR Relaxation of Sedimentary Rock Cores
A A Souza, M N D' Eurydice, A Boyd, M D Hurlimann, T J Bonagamba

Probing multi-dynamics of crude oils by high f ield 2D-NMR DOSY and Relaxometry
A Louis-Joseph, J-P Korb

5- Applications of Hyperpolarisation and DNP

Overhauser DNP and NMRD measurements on H, F and C using nitroxide radicals
O Neudert, H Spiess, C Mattea, S Stapf, K Munnemann

6- Advances in Methodology

NMR relaxation dispersion of polar and non-polar molecules confined inside porous media with controlled amount of magnetic impurities
S Muncaci, C Mattea, S Stapf, I Ardelean

Open source EFNMR
LPel, N Reuvers

Impulse Response Based Arbitrary Gradient Waveform Pre-Equalization
F G Goora, B G Colpitts, B J Balcom

A new PGSE NMR pulse sequence gives isotropic diffusion weighting by magic-angle spinning of the q-vector
S Eriksson, S Lasic, D Topgaard

Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxation in Planar Pores
P J McDonald, D A Faux, N C Howlett, J Bhatt, S-H Cachia

A spike-removal filter for NMR measurements in the presence of external electric device
S Rodts, D Bytchenkoff, P Moucheront

More on the non-Gaussian diffusion : investigations about the role of the internal gradient, in Kurtosis and in y-stretching exponential model imaging, performed in phantoms
Palombo, S Capuani ·

Direct measurement of internal magnetic fields employing scanning SQUID microscopy
J O Walbrecker, B Kalisky, K A Moler, R Knight

NMR Study of diffusion in micro-porous glass beads
G Carneiro, L Schwartz, Y Song, B Coutinho, E Rios, W Trevizan

7- Colloquium on Mobile Magnetic Resonance (CMMR)

Self-diffusion coefficient measured by CPMG in the constant field gradient of a single sided NMR instrument
L Brizi, V Bertolotti, M Mariani, P Fantazzini

Class 0 RF Amplifiers for Mobile NMR Applications
J Zhen, G 1 Gouws, R Dykstra

8- Applications to Nano-Structured Materials

Description of the concentration dependent self-diffusivity of aqueous electrolytes in mesoporous glasses
S Beckert, F Stall mach, P With, J Kullmann, D Enke

Self-Diffusion of C02-Expanded Toluene in Mesoporous Glasses
P Zeigermann, R Glaser, J Karger, R Val iullin

NMR Relaxation and Diffusion Study of Ionic Liquids Under Confinement
0 Seyedlar, C Mattea, S Stapf

9- Applications to Plants, Soils and Earth Sciences

MRI of Gas Hydrate Formation and Conversion at Sub-Seafloor Conditions
E Kosse I, C Deusner, N Bigalke, M Haeckel

Earth's Field NMR for Soil Moisture Studies
E Fukushima, A F McDowell, T Z Zhang, SA Altobelli

NMR Relaxometry procedures applied to available water in soils
R Oliveira-Sliva, E L G Vidoto, T J Bonagamba, R Auccaise, F C Balieiro, E H Novotny

Probing Soil - Root Heterogeneity by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Using Microcoils
S Haber-Pohlmeier, J Watzlaw, A Pohlmeier, B Blumich

10- Applications to Polymeric Materials

H and F FFC-NMR of Catalyst Layer Materials for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells
M Yamaguchi, A Ohira