Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna
Bologna, Italy
4-8 September, 2016
A special issue of:
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 269 (2018)
Diffusion Fundamentals, volume 29 (2018)
Edited by:
Villiam Bortolotti
Paola Fantazzini
Petrik Galvosas
Christoph Arns
The Meeting was organized with
the further support of

Universit di Bologna
Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia (University of Bologna)
Dipartimento DICAM (University of Bologna)
Scuola di Ingegneria e Architettura (University of Bologna)
Groupement AMPERE
Stelar Srl
Oxford Instruments
MR Solutions
Pure Devices GmbH
Jeol SpA
Lab-Tools Ltd

Christoph Arns (Chair)
Frank Stallmach
Paola Fantazzini
Petrik Galvosas
Villliam Bortolotti
Andrew Coy (USA)
Bernhard Blümich (DE)
Bill Price (AU)
Bruce Balcom (CA)
Christoph Arns (AU)
Clifford Russell Bowers (USA)
Dagmar Van Dusschoten (DE)
Daniel Topgaard (SE)
Dimitris Sakellariou (FR)
Edmund Fordham (UK)
Eiichi Fukushima (USA)
Frank Stallmach (DE)
Igor Sersa (SI)
Lizhi Xiao (CN)
Marc Fleury (FR)
Martin Bencsik (UK)
Matthias Appel (USA)
Melanie Britton (UK)
Nikolaus Nestle (DE)
Paola Fantazzini (IT)
Peter McDonald (UK)
Petrik Galvosas (NZ)
Ravinath Kausik (USA)
Rodolfo Acosta (AR)
Rustem Valiullin (DE)
Sarah Codd (USA)
Sergey Vasenkov (USA)
Villiam Bortolotti (IT)

Villliam Bortolotti, Chairman (IT)
 Paola Fantazzini (IT)
Leonardo Brizi
Ester Maria Vasini (IT)
Francesco Tinti (IT)
Rebecca Steele (UK)
 Stefano Bonduà(IT)

The Conference was divided into 11 Sessions.
The Chairs were as follows:

1- Connected porous systems and NMR relaxometry
Chair: Ernst Roessler and Ioan Ardelean

2- Plants, soils, and environmental sciences
Siegfried Stapf

3- Chemical engineering and related materials
Nikolaus Nestle

4- Diffusion and applications
Chair: Mike Johns and Yiqiao Song

5- Advances in technology and hardwares
Chair: Rustem Valiullin

6- Petrophysics and flow
Chair: Edmund Fordham

7- Advances in methodology and new areas of research
Chair: Bruce Balcom and Susanna Ahola

8- Biomedicine and food
Chair: Andrea Valori

9- Colloquium on mobile magnetic resonance
Chair: Stanislav Sykora

10- Non-destructive testing and cultural heritage
Chair: Rodolfo Acosta

11- Simulation and multidimensional inversion
Ville-Veikko Telkki


The NMR Phase: k and q
B. Blümich

Principles and applications of fast field cycling NMR relaxation
J. P. Korb

Laplace NMR
V.-V. Telki

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Shale Gas and Tight Gas Reservoirs
L. Xiao

Fluid Dynamics in Pores: Challenges and Perspectives
R. Kimmich

Getting big with large becoming small?
B. Blümich

Dynamics and wettability of complex fluids probed by fast field cycling NMR relaxation

J.P. Korb, B.Nicot

Imaging of root zone processes
S. Haber-Pohlmeier, C. Totzke, S. Oswald, A. Pohlmeier, B. Blümich

Characterizing Gels by NMR Porous Media Methods: Direct measurement of glass dynamics and mesh size in a solvent polymer system by multidimensional relaxometry and diffusometry
S. L. Codd, N.H. Williamson, A.M. Dower, A.L. Broadbent, D. Gross and J.D. Seymour

Local and global anisotropy - recent re-implementation of 2D ILT diffusion methods
P. Galvosas, F. Zong, N. Spindler, L.R. Ancelet, I.F. Hermans

NMR Technology: Recent History, Emerging Possibilities and New Challenges
S. Sykora  

Sodium-23 NMR in porous media
J. Mitchell, E.J.Fordham

Multifrequency-multinuclear NMR of shale rocks
K. Ravinath, Y. Donghan

Using diffusion MRI to study tissue microstructure in traumatic brain injury (TBI)
M. E. Komlosh, E.B. Hutchinson, M. Haber, D. Benjamini, A.V. Avram, P.J. Basser

Molecular transport in ionic liquids under confinement studied by low field NMR
C. Mattea, S. Stapf and A. Ordikhani-Seyedlar

Non-destructive and non-invasive NMR in cultural heritage
D. Capitani, V. Di Tullio and N. Proietti

Xray-CT enhanced interpretation of high-dimensional inverse Laplace NMR experiments
C. Arns, I. Shikhov, M. Nogueira d’Eurydice


1- Connected porous systems and NMR relaxometry

Characterization of porous polymer materials by time domain and single-sided NMR
R. Acosta, M.I. Velasco, E.V. Silletta, C.G. Gomez, M.C. Strumia, S. Stapf, G.A. Monti, C. Mattea

Shale organic porosity and total organic carbon (TOC) by combining spin echo, solid echo and magic echo
Z. Jia, L. Xiao, Z. Wang, C.Liang, L. Guo

Low-Field NMR Laboratory Measurements of Hydrocarbons Confined in Organic and Non-Organic Nanoporous Media at Various Pressures
H. Thern, C. Horch, F. Stallmach, B. Li, A. Mezzatesta, H. Zhang, R. Arro

A multidisciplinary approach for the multi-scale structural study of eco-compatible MgO/CaO-based cements
F. Martini, S. Borsacchi, M. Geppi, M. Tonelli, F. Ridi, P. Baglioni, L. Calucci

Multi-dimensional NMR experiments for characterization of pore structure heterogeneity and liquid saturations
J. G. Seland, R. T. Lewis

Localization in a Single Pore
E. Fordham, J. Mitchell

A new model for the interpretation of T1-1 dispersion measurements
D. Faux, P. J. McDonald

2- Plants, soils, and environmental sciences

Effect of mucilage on water properties in the rhizosphere monitored by 1H-NMR relaxometry
M. Brax, C. Buchmann, G. E. Schaumann

Application of MR microscopy for research in wood science
U. Mikac, I. Serša, M. Žlahtič, M. Humar, M. Merela, P. Oven

3- Chemical engineering and related materials

In situ visualization of Flow and Fouling layer formation during alginate filtration
F. Arndt, S. Schuhmann, G. Guthausen, S. Schütz, H. Nirschl

Mass transport in microfluidics: How Flow-MRI can help understand flow phenomena
S. Benders, M. Wiese, M. Küppers, M. Wessling, B. Blümich

Influence of Fluid Dynamics on Polymerization Kinetics measured by Rheo-NMR
E. Laryea, G. Guthausen, T. Oerther, N. Schuhardt, M. Kind

Lithium Ion Diffusion in a Solid Conductor of Amorphous (Li2S)8(P2S5)2 studied by Pulsed-Gradient Spin-Echo 7Li NMR Spectroscopy
K. Hayamizu, S. Ito, Y. Aihara

NMR imaging of hydrogenation in micro-scale porous catalyst layers
V. V. Zhivonitko, V.-V. Telkki, I. V. Koptyug

Solid-state and field-cycling NMR relaxometry studies on the dynamics of glass forming liquids and polymers in nanoprous systems
E. Rössler, M. Hofmann, Th. Körber, S. Gradmann, B. Hartmann-Azanza, M. Steinhart

4- Diffusion and applications

Ultrafast Laplace NMR of hyperpolarized xenon in CPG materials
O. Mankinen, J. Hollenbach, S. Ahola, J. Matysik, V.-V. Telkki

Noninvasive Relaxometry Evidence of Linear Pore Size Dependence of Water Diffusion in Nanoconfinement
D. Petit, H. Chemmi, D. Petit, P. Levitz, R. Denoyel, A. Galarneau, J.-P. Korb

Diffusion MRI/NMR at high gradients: challenges and perspectives

Multidimensional correlation of nuclear relaxation and diffusion tensor size, shape, and orientation
J. P. de Almeida Martins, D. Topgaard

Single-file diffusion of gas mixtures by high field diffusion NMR
S.Vasenkov, A. R. Dutta, P. Sekar, M. Dvoyashkin, C. R. Bowers, K. J. Ziegler

Understanding Deactivation in Porous Catalysts Using NMR Diffusion Techniques
C. D'Agostino, Y. Ryabenkova, G. J. Hutchings, M. D. Mantle, L. F. Gladden

Marginal distributions constrained optimization (MADCO) used to accelerate 2D MRI relaxometry
D. Benjamini, P. J. Basser

5- Advances in technology and hardwares

Magnetic Resonance Imaging with a Variable Field Superconducting Magnet that can be rotated for Vertical or Horizontal Operation
B. Balcom

A new downhole MRI tool
W. Liu, L. Xiao, X. Li, S. Luo

A compact X-Band resonator for DNP-enhanced Fast-Field-Cycling NMR at 340 mT
O. Neudert, C. Mattea, S. Stapf

6- Petrophysics and flow

A Robust NMR Method to Measure Porosity of Low Porosity Rocks
J.M.Sun, W.C.Yan, T.Li

Emerging NMR approaches for characterizing rock heterogeneity
H. Liu, L. Xiao, P. Galvosas

Low field NMR surface relaxivity studies of chalk and argillaceous sandstones
H. Fordsmand, K. Katika, I.L. Fabricius

Measurement of interfacial area from NMR time dependent diffusion and relaxation measurements
M. Fleury

Permeability from time dependent methane saturation monitoring in shales
A. Valori, S.Van den Berg, F. Ali, R.Taherian, W. Abdallah

Accurate phase-shift velocimetry in porous media: the importance of propagator asymmetry
A. Vallatos, M.N. Shukla, V.R. Phoenix, W.M. Holmes

7- Advances in methodology and new areas of research

Water spray measurements with Magnetic Resonance Imaging: the near-nozzle region
I. Mastikhin, S. Ahmadi, K.M. Bade

An On-line NMR for Drilling Fluid Analysis System
S. Li, L. Xiao, X. Li, Z. Wang

A novel spatially resolved 2D Laplace NMR method for porous materials at low magnetic field
Y. Zhang, L. Xiao

Remote Detection NMR Gas Adsorption Meter
A. Selent, V. V. Zhivonitko, V.-V. Telkki

NMR Cryoporometry: What have we overlooked?
R. Valiullin, D. Kondrashova

Effects of Coherence Pathways on the Performance of the Modulated Gradient Spin Echo Sequence
I. Serša, F. Bajd, A. Mohorič

Development of continuous flow Xenon-129 for gas phase NMR flow and velocimetry studies in porous media
F. Hill-Casey, S. P. Rigby, T. Meersmann, G. E. Pavlovskaya

Recent progress in Magnetic Resonance Imaging of hard and soft solids
S. Barrett

8- Biomedicine and food

Load-dependent low-field profiling and relaxometry of osteoarthritic articular cartilage
S. Stapf, E.Rössler, C. Mattea, M. T. Nieminen, S. Karhula, S. Saarakkala, S. Stapf

Single-sided NMR on a quasi-real model of bone for the diagnosis of osteoporosis
M. Barbieri, L. Brizi, M. Nogueira d’Eurydice, S. Obruchkov, H. Liu, V. Bortolotti, P. Fantazzini, P. Galvosas

9- Colloquium on mobile magnetic resonance

Application of Earth’s Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to Multiphase Flow Metering
M. L. Johns, K.T. O’Neill, P.L. Stanwix and E.O. Fridjonsson

A modular single-sided NMR sensor design with multifunction
Z. Sun, L. Xiao, G. Liao, Y. Zhang

NMR and X-ray µCT study of plasticizer (Hexamoll® DINCH®) in PVC
N. Nestle, A. Sandor, M. Pfeiffer

Visualizing the Sensitive Volume of a Unilateral NMR Sensor
C. Rehorn, R. Höhner, B. Blümich

10- Non-destructive testing and cultural heritage

Multi ion transport in concrete as studied by multi-nuclei NMR
L. Pel, P.A.J. Donkers

Probing into the porous structure of hydrated cement paste with the NMR relaxometry of cyclohexane and ethanol molecules under partially saturated conditions
I. Ardelean, A. Bede, A. Scurtu

One and Two-dimensional NMR studies for Cultural Heritage: evaluation of consolidants performance
L. Brizi, L. Brizi, M. Camaiti, V. Bortolotti, P. Fantazzini, B. Blümich, S. Haber-Pohlmeier

11- Simulation and multidimensional inversion

Recovering 2-dimensional T1-T2 distribution functions from 1-dimensional T1 and T2 measurements
N.Williamson, M. Röding, S.J. Miklavcic, M. Nydén

Memory Efficient Multidimensional NMR Inversion without Kronecker Products
D. Medellin, V. R. Ravi, C. Torres-Verdin

Improved inversion of two-dimensional NMR Relaxation data with the UPEN principle
F. Zama, V. Bortolotti, R. J. S. Brown, P. Fantazzini, G. Landi


2- Plants, soils, and environmental sciences

Changes of Water status in Relation to Strawberry Fruit Development and Ripening
J. Li, W. Jia, L. Xiao

Imaging of 23Na accumulation in the soil-root region due to root water uptake
A. Pohlmeier, A. Perelman, S. Haber-Pohlmeier, J. Vanderborght, N. Lazarovich

Applications of 2D NMR to Soils with Slim-line Logging Tool
B. Guo, B. Blümich

Magnetic Resonance Probes as a Tool to Monitor Long Term Clogging In Constructed Wetlands
R. Morris, T. Hughes-Riley, E. R. Dye, S. Parslow, P. Hawes, J.García, E. Uggetti, J. Puigagut and M.I. Newton

The emerging use of MRI to study River Bed dynamics
V. Holmes, Heather Haynes, Susithra Lakshmanan, A.Ockelford, Elisa Vignaga

Quo vadis Surface-NMR – adiabatic pulses?
R. Dlugosch, M. Müller-Petke

Non-Invasive Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Nanoparticle Migration and Water Velocity Inside Sandstone
V. Holmes, M. N. Shukla, A.Vallatos, M. Riley, J. Tellam, V. Phoenix

Mobile NMR-Lab for field phenotyping of oilseed rape leaves
M. Musse, F. Mariette, W. Debrandt, C. Sorin, C. Mireille, A. Bouchereau, L. Leport

Soil moisture mapping in the field with a slim-line logging tool
X. Cai, B. Guo, M. Küppers, B. Blümich

Effect of water entrapment by a hydrogel on the structural stability of artificial soils
C. Buchmann, G. E. Schaumann

5- Advances in technology and hardware

A Home-built NMR Core Analytic System Based on The OPENCORE Spectrometer
G. Yang, L. Xiao, W. Liu

Machine Learning for Magnetic Resonance
Y.-Q. Song, M. D. Hurlimann, D. Cory

A new side-looking design for downhole NMR probe
S. Luo, L. Xiao, G. Liao, Y. Zhang

A new proof and applications in NMR inversions of the Tikhonov method
Y. Gao, L. Xiao, B. Wu

7- Advances in methodology and new areas of research

Ultrafast multidimensional Laplace NMR for a rapid and sensitive chemical analysis
S. Ahola, V.-V. Telkki

Accurate T2 distribution of fluids in porous media measured with Phase Incremented Echo Train Acquisition
A. G. de Araujo Ferreira, D. J. Srivastava, D. R. Cole, J. H. Baltisberger, T. J. Bonagamba, P. J. Grandinetti

Topological study of porous media through  µCT imaging and complex networks
M. Andreeta, R. S. Polli, E. Lucas-Oliveira, F. A. Rodrigues, T. J. Bonagamba

Parameterization of multi-exponential NMR relaxation in terms of logarithmic moments of an underlying relaxation time distribution
O. Petrov, S. Stapf

Application of Principal Component Analysis in NMR Relaxometry
O. Petrov, M. Vogel

Real-time NMR data processing and management
Y. Shi, L.Z. Xiao, G.Z. Liao , Y. Zhang , S.J. Jiang , L. Gao

Proper coherence pathways selection in echo train acquisition for T2 measurements
V. Sarou-Kanian, R. Shakhovoy, M. Yon, F. Fayon

Ring Dynamics in Functionalized UiO66(Zr) MOFs via SLF Solid-State NMR
J. Damron, J. Ma, K. Saalwächter, A. Matzger, A. Ramamoorthy

Homodyne Relaxation Analysis
S. Huber, A. Joos, B. Gleich, A. Haase

129Xe NMR Methodology for Complex Porous Matter
J. Hollenbach, V. Kotolup, R. Valiullin, D. Enke, J. Matysik

Confined fluids: Nanotechnology-driven quest for new physics
R. Valiullin, S. Mascotto

Online NMR measurements and parameter optimization by fluid analysis system
W. Chen, L.Z. Xiao, Y. zhang, G.Z. Liao

8- Biomedicine and food

Biocompatible silicon nanoparticles as MRI contrast agents for cancer diagnosis
J. Kargina, M.B. Gongalsky, L.A. Osminkina, A.M. Perepukhov, M.V. Gulyaev, Yu.A. Pirogov, A.V. Maximychev, V.Yu. Timoshenko

Diffusion quantifications in MR-mammography by threshold isocontouring
F. Zong, S. Bickelhaupt, T. A. Kuder, W. Lederer, H. Daniel, A. Stieber, H.-P. Schlemmer, P. Galvosas, F. B. Laun

Monitoring the animals' health status during vivisection by low-field NMR
M. Küppers, J. Viess, J. Flohr, D. Weidener, P. Keschenau, H. Simons, H. Klingel, M. Küppers, J. Kalder, B. Blümich

Intra-aneurysmal flow and thrombosis
J. Flohr, J. Viess, J. Clauser, G. Cattaneo, M. Küppers, B. Blümich

Fast Field Cycling NMR as a method to study protein dynamics and aggregation of therapeutic proteins
G. Ferrante,  R. Steele, M. Pasin, C. Luchinat, M. Fragai, E. Ravera, G. Parigi

9- Colloquium on mobile magnetic resonance

Hardware and Software for Embedded Compact Broadband Low Field NMR spectrometers (ECBLFNMR)
A. Louis-Joseph, A. Nauton, D. Coupvent-Desgravier, J-P. Korb

Visualizing the 1-D fluid distribution using FT-NMR in fibrous porous media over time
B. Mohebbi, J. Claussen, B. Blümich

Development of a robust mobile plant imager
M. Meixner, M. Tomasella, P. Först, C.W. Windt

A compact and mobile NMR platform
R. Dykstra, J. Zhen, G. Gouws, S. Obruchkov

10- Non-destructive testing and cultural heritage

Developing fingerprinting systems to identify fake paintings and assign ancient wall paintings through NMR relaxation studies
C. Rehorn, W. Zia, T. Meldrum, C. Kehlet, E. Del Federico, G. Zolfo, J. Thompson, B. Blümich

Noninvasive examination of an ancient tear bottle
S. Benders, B. Blümich, I. Bohm, J. Ehling, A. Eterović, N. Gross-Weege, V. Schulz, D. Truhn, J. Wehner

Cyclic hygro-expansion of oak studied by NMR
T. Arends, L. Pel

Spatially resolved NMR: MRI and single-sided profiles on samples treated with environmentally safe fluorinated compounds to preserve Cultural Heritage porous media
L. Brizi,  V. Bortolotti, M. Camaiti, P. Fantazzini

11- Simulation and multidimensional inversion

Real-time Multidimensional NMR Inversion Using Compressed Sensing
S. Gu, L. Xiao, G. Liao

Fast Laplace Inverse Transform (FLINT)
P. Teal

The effect of microstructure of semi-permeable barriers onto diffusion MRI: A one-dimensional theoretical study
N. Moutal, D. S. Grebenkov

What are, and what are not, Inverse Laplace Transforms
E. Fordham, L. Venkataramanan, J. Mitchell, A. Valori

Local analysis of single-phase flow through complex porous media using flow propagators
C. Arns, Y. Zheng, I. Shikhov, M. N. d'Eurydice

Performance Evaluation of Improved 2DUPEN algorithm
F. Zama, V. Bortolotti, L. Brizi, P. Fantazzini, G. Landi

Hydrodynamics and 2D NMR characterization of wettability in saturated rocks
J. Wang, L. Xiao, L. Guo, G. Liao, Y. Zhang, F. Xiao

NMR solid state spin-echo simulation for water absorption in SWCNT
L. Guo, L. Xiao, Z. Jia


1- Connected porous systems and NMR relaxometry

Revealing the porous structure of cement materials via the NMR relaxometry and diffusometry of cyclohexane molecules
I. Ardelean, A. Bede, C. Badea

A computational approach for understanding nuclear spin diffusion in porous media
E.L. Oliveira, A. G. Araújo-Ferreira, W. A. Trevisan, M. N. D'Eurydice, C. A. Fortulan, T. J. Bonagamba

2-Encoded Fast-Field-Cycling Relaxometry
O. Neudert, C. Mattea, S. Stapf

Comparison of NMR porosity and water imbibition porosity (WIP): A case study of Paleocene limestone and associated rocks from Eastern Dahomey Basin.
O.B. Olatinsu, B. Clennell, L. Esteban

Obtaining Surface Relaxivity from NMR-only Data
Y.-Q. Song, Z Luo, J Paulsen, V Vembusubramanaian

Wettability determination of porous media from T
1-T2 method
C. Liang, L. Z. Xiao, C. C. Zhou, L. Guo, Z. J. Jia

Free Induction Decay rates of water suspensions and water-saturated densely packed particles with varying volume fractions of solid phases
O. Kishenkovm,  L. Menshikov, A. Maximychev

Superdiffusion in Porous Media
A. M. Perepukhov, D.A. Alexandrov, A.V. Maximychev, L.I. Menshikov, P.L. Menshikov

Particle motion in porous materials during capillary suction
C. Kuijpers, H.P. Huinink, N. Tomozeiua, O.C.G. Adan

Detecting microbially induced calcite precipitation (MICP) in a model well-bore using downhole low-field NMR
C. Kirkland, S. Zanetti, A.J. Phillips, E. Grunewald, D.O. Walsh, S.L. Codd

Assessment of multiscale hybrid network structures of defibrillated plant fiber dispersions
G.J.W. Goudappel, K.P. Velikov, R. den Adel, J.P.M. van Duynhoven

Chirality and kinetics of a self-assembled Fe4L6 metallosupramolecular cage with guests
S. Komulainen, J. Jayapaul, J. Zhu, K. Rissanen, L. Schröder, V.-V. Telkki

The Mechanism of NMR relaxometry of Tight Porous Media with Multi-scale Digital Rock
G. Liao, L. Xiao, J. Wang, L. Guo, W. Chen

Development of a compact bench-top NMR system for Fast Field Cycling relaxometry in rock cores and large volume samples
G. Ferrante, M. Polello, R. Rolfi, A. Provera, Y. Xia

New instrumental platforms for the exploitation of the field-dependence of T1, T2 and 2D correlation spectra T1-T2 for probing the dynamics and wettability of petroleum fluids in rock cores and shale oils
J-P. Korb, G. Ferrante, R. Steele, D. Pooke

3- Chemical engineering and related materials

Micrometer Lithium Ion Diffusion in a Garnet-Type Cubic Li7La3Zr2O12 (LLZO) for Pellet and Powder Samples studied by 7Li NMR Spectroscopy
K. Hayamizu, S. Seki and T. Haishi

Water transport in Nafion membranes under various conditions studied by NMR
S. Leclerc, J.-C. Perrin, A. El Kaddouri, M. Klein, S. Leclerc, J. Dillet, L. Guendouz, O. Lottin

Low field NMR relaxivity as a fast characterization method for mesoporous alumina
H. Fordsmand, M. Lutecki

Liquid and gas phase velocity measurements of foam using motion-sensitized SPRITE
A. Adair, B. Newling

Investigation of the influence of DNP spin probes on the NMR relaxation and diffusion properties of water molecules in Nafion
T. Überrück, O. Neudert, J. Granwehr, S. Han, S. Stapf, B. Blümich

In situ NMR Imaging: A Tool for Characterizing Ion Transport Properties in Li-Ion Battery Electrolyte Solutions
B. Balcom, S. Krachkovskiy, J. Bazak, I. Halalay, G. Goward

Monitoring Steady State Moisture Distribution during Wick Action in Mortar by MRI
R. Enjilela, P. F. de J. Cano-Barrita, A. Komar, A. Boyd, B. J. Balcom

Multidimensional relaxation and diffusion studies of a halogen free ionic liquid
M. A. Javed, S. Ahola, K. Aslam, O. Mankinen, A. Filippov, F. U. Shah, S. Glavatskih, O. N. Antzutkin, V.-V. Telkki

Investigation of CH4 Motional Behavior in Isoreticular M_2 MOF-74
V. Witherspoon, J. Bachman , J. Long, B. Blümich, J.A. Reimer

Fast Field Cycling NMR applied to understand dynamics of polypropylene and polyethylene polymers
M. Pasin, R. Steele, G.Ferrante, A. Marchi Netto, M. Farah, M. Flämig, E.A. Rössler

4- Diffusion and applications

Tortuosity estimate through paramagnetic gas diffusion in multi-phase fluid systems saturating reservoir rock using T2 (z, t) low-field NMR
C. Arns, I. Shikhov

A new application of ionic liquid in predicting tortuosity factor in hierarchically porous silica monolith by means of PFG NMR
S. Hwang, R. Valiullin, J. Haase, J. Kärger

Molecular translational dynamics in glycerol/water mixtures by MGSE method
C. Mattea, J. Stepisnik, S. Stapf

NMR diffusometric droplet sizing in nanoemulsions
G. Guthausen, J.-H. Sommerling, A.J. Simon, G. Leneweit, H. Nirschl

Restricted diffusion and higher order relaxation modes – A combined approach utilizing DT2 to extract pore-sizes without calibration
M. Müller-Petke, R. Dlugosch, A. Obert

Self-diffusion in Polymer Solutions Measured with PFG NMR
X. Guo, E. Laryea, M.Wilhelm, B. Luy, H. Nirschl, G. Guthausen

1H PFG NMR for Characterizing Interactions of Potential Electrolytes and Electrode Materials
S. Merz, P. Jakes, H. Tempel, H. Kungl, M.F. Graf, R.-A. Eichel, J. Granwehr

Diffusion of carboxylate molecules in nanosilica suspensions: from the monomer to polyelectrolytes
G.Meriguet, C. Dolce

6- Petrophysics and flow

Spatially resolved, under-sampled propagators and imaging of carbonate rock dissolution
A. Colbourne, A.J. Sederman, M.D. Mantle, L.F. Gladden

Enhanced Gas Recovery NMR Measurements
M. Johns, M. Zecca, A. Honari, S.J. Vogt, B. Bijilic, E.F. May

Improvement of NMR-based Measurement Accuracy in Tight Sandstone Porosity and Pore Distribution
Y. Zhang, Y. W. Gao, F. Wu, Y. Yang, P. Q. Yang

Low-field (LF) NMR-based Characterization of active pore distribution during natural gas accumulation
F. Wu, Y. L. Zhang, Y. W. Gao, Z. Y. Xie, P. Q. Yang

High temperature fast field cycling study of crude oil
A. Lozovoi, M. Hurlimann, R. Kausik, S. Stapf, C.Mattea

Petrophysical study of reservoir rocks by magnetic resonance imaging with spirical sprite method
B.B. Bam, B. Balcom, B. MacMillan, F. Marica

Hydrodynamics and 2D NMR characterization of wettability and viscosity in saturated rocks

J.Wang, L. Xiao, L. Guo, G. Liao, Y. Zhang, F. Xiao

Pore scale analysis of NMR response in laminated rock with digital rock
Z. Tian, Lizhi Xiao, Guangzhi Liao, Jie Wang

Permeability of water flow in CH4 hydrate-bearing quartz sand
E. Kossel, C. Deusner, N. Bigalke, M. Haeckel

A New Method for measuring the wettability of porous media by In-situ NMR Water Vapor Isotherm Technique
H.T. Kwak, A. Harbi, Y. Chong, Z.-X. Luo, P. R. Doyle, A. Kleinhammes, Y. Wu

Asphaltene porous aggregates in crude oil investigated by aromatic and fluorine containing tracers: a relaxometry and DNP study
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