University of Kent,
Canterbury, UK
14-16 April 1993
A special issue of:
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (vol. 12, 2, 1994)
Edited by:
G.C. Borgia
P. Fantazzini
J.C. Gore
M.E. Smith
J.H. Strange
The Meeting was organized by Kent and Surrey Collaborative Project in Magnetic Resonance and Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna, Italy
with the support of:
British Gas pic.
BP Research
Bruker Spectrospin Ltd.
Chemagnetics-Otsuka Electronics (Europe) Ltd.
DB Stratabit Italia
Doty Scientific Inc.
JCW ScientificSchlumberger Cambridge Research Ltd.
Schlumberger-Doll Research (USA)
STELAR s.n.c.
Unilever pic.
Universities of Bologna and Kent
J.H. Strange (Chairman, UK)
G.C.Borgia (Italy)
R.J.S. Brown (USA)
P.T. Callaghan (New Zealand)
A.D.M. Clague (USA)
P. Fantazzini (Italy)
J.C. Gore (USA)
M.R. Halse (UK)
J. Klinowski (UK)
P. Mansfield (UK)
P.J. McDonald (UK)
K.J. Packer (UK)
L.M. Schwartz (USA)
A. Taylor (UK)
D.G. Taylor (UK)
J.H. Strange (Chairman, Kent, UK)
G.C. Borgia (Bologna, Italy)
P. Fantazzini (Bologna, Italy)
M.R. Halse (Kent, UK)
P.J. McDonald (Surrey, UK)
P. Mansfield (Nottingham, UK)
M.E. Smith (Kent, UK)
D.G. Taylor (Surrey, UK)


The Conference was divided into 4 Sessions.
The Chairs were as follows:

Session I:
A.T. Watson
Session II:
J. P. Korb
Session III :
J. M. Dereppe
Session IV:
L. M. Schwartz


Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media
J.H. Strange


The Many Facets of Current Work in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for Fluids in Heterogeneous Systems
G.C. Borgia


Application of Spin-Spin Relaxation to Measurement of Surface Area and Pore Size Distributions in a Hydrating Cement Paste
W.P. Halperin, J.-Y. Jehng, and Y.-Q. Song

Taking, Processing, and Interpreting Spin-Echo Data in Porous Media and Tissues
R.J.S. Brown and P. Fantazzini

Probing the Structure of Porous Media Using NMR Spin Echoes
P.N. Sen, L.M. Schwartz, and P.P. Mitra

NMR Studies of Mohicular Mobility and Diffusion in Porous Systems
E.G. Smith, J.W. Rockliffe, P.J. McDonald, A. Lonergan, M.R. Halse, B. Leone, and J.H. Strange

PFG NMR Self-Diffusion Measurements in Microporous Adsorbents
J. Karger and H. Pfeifer

Pore Size Distributions, Pore Coupling, and Transverse Relaxation Spectra of Porous Rocks
R.L. Kleinberg

Studies of Fluid Transport in Porous Rocks by Echo-Planar MRI
P. Mansfield and B. Issa

Microstructure of Porous Media Probed by NMR Techniques in Sub-Micrometer Length Scales
R. Kimmich, S. Stapf, P. Callaghan, and A. Coy

Velocity Measurements in Natural Porous Rocks
M.R. Merrill and Z. Jin

Quantification of Oil and Water in Preserved Reservoir Rock by NMR Spectroscopy and Imaging
S. Davies, A. Hardwick , D. Roberts, K. Spowage, and K.J. Packer


Nuclear Relaxation of Liquids in Confinements
J.-P. Korb, A. Delville, S. Xu, and J. Jonas

Water Proton Relaxation in Dilute and Unsaturated Suspensions of Non-Porous Particles
B.P. Hills

Water-Air Saturation Changes in Restricted Geometries Studied by Proton Relaxation
G.C. Borgia, A. Brancolini, R.J.S. Brown, P. Fantazzini, and G. Ragazzini

Wettability and Fluid Saturations Determined From NMR T1 Distributions
J.J. Howard

Simulations of Pulsed Field Gradient Spin-Echo Measurements in Porous Media
L.M. Schwartz, P.N. Sen, and P.P. Mitra

Partially Restricted Diffusion in a Permeable Sandstone: Observations by Stimulated Echo PFG NMR
E.J. Fordham, S.J. Gibbs, and L.D. Hall

A Comprehensive Approach to Studies of Porous Media (Rocks) Using a Laboratory Spectrometer a nd Logging Tool With Similar Operating Characteristics
Z. Taicher, G. Coates, Y. Gitartz, and L. Berman

Probing the Structure of Porous Pellets: An NMR Study of Drying
M.P. Hollewand and L.F. Gladden

Strategies for Overcoming Linewidth Limitations in Quantitative Petrophysical NMR Measurements
M. Peyron, O.K. Pierens, A.J. Lucas, L.D. Hall, G.F. Potter, R.C. Stewart, and D.W. Phelps

Solid State NMR Imaging of Irreducible Water in Reservoir Cores for Spatially Resolved Pore Surface Relaxation Estimation
J.J. Attard, P.J. McDonald , S.P. Roberts, and T. Taylor

NMR Microscopy of Hydrating Hydrophilic Matrix Pharmaceutical Tablets
R. Bowtell, J.C. Sharp, A. Peters, P. Mansfield, A.R. Rajabi-Siahboomi, M.C. Davies, and C.D. Melia

Characterization of Wetting Heterogeneities in Sandstone Rocks by MRIG
Guillot, C. Chardaire-Riviere, S. Bobroff, A. Le Roux, J.C. Roussel, and L. Cuiec

Combined Proton T1N and CPMG T2N Studies of Water Saturated Sandstone CorPlugs
M. Jerosch-Herold, H. Thomann, and A.H. Thompson

Deuterium and Oxygen-17 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Aqueous Clay Suspensions
J. Grandjean and P. Laszlo


Measurements and Analysis of Fluid Saturation-Dependent NMR Relaxation and Linebroadening in Porous Media
S. Chen, H.K. Liaw, and A.T. Watson

Water Transport in Concrete
Kaufmann, and K. Schenker

Surface Magnetic Relaxation in Cement Pastes
K.S. Mendelson, W.P. Halperin, J.-Y. Jehng, and Y.-Q. Song

A Comparison Among Different Inversion Methods for Multi-Exponential NMR Relaxation Data
G.C. Borgia, V. Bortolotti, R.J.S. Brown, P. Castaldi, P. Fantazzini, and U. Soverini

Permeability Estimation From T1 Mapping
. lssa and P. Mansfield

MRI of a Waterflood on a Reservoir Chalk Sample
D. Olsen

Case II Diffusion in the PVC and Acetone System
K.L. Perry, P.J. McDonald, and A.S. Clough

Capillary Water Determination in Core Plugs: A Combined Study Based on lmaging'Techniques and Relaxation Analysis
G.C. Borgia, A. Brancolini, A. Camanzi, and G. Maddinelli

Anisotropic Diffusion in Etched Particle Tracks Studied by Field Gradient NMR
F. Fujara, E. Ilyina, H. Nienstaedt, H. Sillescu, R. Spohr, and C. Trautmann

Ingress of Water Into Zeolite 4A Powder Plugs
B. Leone, M.R. Halse, J.H. Strange, A.R. Lonergan, P.J. McDonald, and E. Smith

Pore Geometry Information via Pulsed Field Gradient NMR
A.J Lucas, S.JGibbs, M. Peyron, O.K. Pierens, L.D. Hall, R.C. Stewart, and D.W. Phelps

3D Autocorrelation for the Determination of Large Pore Sizes
A.J. Lucas, J.A. Derbyshire, N. Dillon, M. Peyron, O.K. Pierens, L.D. Hall, D.W. Phelps, and R.C. Stewart

The Characterization of Porous Solids by NMR
S.M. Alnairni, J.H. Strange, and E.G. Smith

Diffusion of Fluids in Confined Geometry
A. Mitzithras and J.H. Strange

Fluid Velocity Imaging of Reservoir Core Samples
S. Davies, A. Hardwick, K. Spowage, and K.J. Packer

New Paramagnetic Relaxation Reagent for Water-in-Oil Emulsions
E.L. Gogolashvili, N.G. Dzjubenko, N.P. Kuz'mina, B.Y. Margulis, and L.l. Martynenko

Spatially Resolved NMR of Rigid Polymers and Elastomers
F. Weigand, C. Fiilber, B. Bliimich, and H.W. Spiess

Magnetic Susceptibility Effects in Imaging: Distortion-Free Images of Plant Tissue in Soil
P. Kinchesh, E.W. Randall, and K. Zick

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of Calcium Alginate Gels
K. Potter, T.A. Carpenter, and L.D. Hall

Chemical Shift Imaging of Particle Filtration in Sandstone Cores
C. Straley, D. Rossini, L.M. Schwartz, M.E. Stromski, M. Hrovat , and S. Patz

Measurements of Viscosity and Permeability of Two Phase Miscible Fluid Flow in Rock Cores
J.L.A. Williams and D.G. Taylor

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Soil-Water Phenomena
M.H.G. Amin, L.D. Hall, R.J. Chorley, T.A. Carpenter, K.S. Richards, and B.W. Bache

Quantitative Longitudinal Fluid Saturation Profiles With a Slic -Selected CPMG Sequence
G.K. Pierens, M. Peyron, A.J. Lucas, T.A. Carpenter, L.D. Hall, G.F. Potter, R.C. Stewart, and D.W. Phelps

Diffusion Measurement in Sandstone Core: NMR Determination of Surface-to-Volume Ratio and Surface Relaxivity
M.D. Hiirlimann, L.L. Latour, and C.H. Sotak

A Dedicated MRI Apparatus for Medical and Industrial Applications
F. Bertora, E. Biglieri, G.C. Borgia, P. Fantazzini, P. Macini, and A. Trequattrini

Refinement of Solid-State MAS NMR Spectra of Quadrupolar Nuclei: Application to the Analysis of Some 51V Compounds
P. Bodart, J.P. Amoureux, and C. Fernandez

How to Enhance the Resolution of Quadrupolar Nuclei in Solids by Double Rotation: DOR
J.P. Amoureux, E. Cochon, and P. Bodart