Université Catholique de Louvain,
Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium
3-6 September 1995
A special issue of:
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (vol. 14, 7/8, 1996)
Edited by:
G.C. Borgia
P. Fantazzini
J.C. Gore
M.R. Halse
J.H. Strange
The Meeting was organized by Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium and Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna, Italy
with the support of:
Bruker Analytische Messtechnik GMBH (D)
Communaute Francaise de Belgique (B)
D B Stratabit (I)
Esaote SpA (I)
European Community DGXII (E)
Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique (B)
Institut Francais du Petrole (F)
JWC Instruments (UK)
Oxford Instruments (UK)
Region Wallonne (B)
Resonance Instruments (UK)
Shell Research (CRCSL) (B)
Smis (UK)
Solvay SA (B)
Stelar Snc (I)
Varian International (CH)
J.L. Ackerman (USA)
R.J.S. Brown (USA)
J.M. Dereppe (B)
J. Fraissard (F)
L.D. Hall (UK)
M.R. Halse (UK)
J.L. Koenig (USA)
W. Kuhn (D)
P. Mansfield (UK)
M.J. McCarthy (USA)
K.J. Packer (UK)
H. RuesHitten (N)
J.H. Strange (UK)
G.C. Borgia (I)
P. Callaghan (NZ)
P. Fantazzini (I)
J. Gore (USA)
W.P. Halperin (USA)
R. Kimmich (D)
J.P. Korb (F)
P.J. MacDonald (UK)
B. Maraviglia (I)
D. Olsen (DK)
C. Riviere (F)
L.M. Schwartz (USA)
J.M. Dereppe (Chairman, UCL, Belgium)
G.C. Borgia (Bologna, Italy)
R. Demeure (UCL, Belgium)
P. Fantazzini (Bologna, Italy)
M. Frias (Eur. Community)
J. Grandjean (Ulg, Belgium)
R. Huis (Shell CRCSL, Belgium)
P. Mansfield (Nottingham, UK)
C. Moreaux (UCL, Belgium)
L.M. Schwartz (Schlumberger, USA)
W. Stone (UCL, Belgium)
J.H. Strange (Kent, UK)


The Conference was divided into 11 Sessions.
The Chairs were as follows:

Session I:
J.H. Strange
Session II:
M.J. McCarthy
Session III:
L. Hall
Session IV:
H. Rueslatten
Session V:
B. Blumich
Session VI:
L.M. Schwartz
Session VII:
E. Fukushima
Session VIII:
G.C. Borgia
Session IX:
R. Huis
Session X:
P. Fantazzini
Session XI:
W. Halperin

The Third International Meeting on MR Applications to Porous Media
Giulio C. Borgia, Paola Fantazzini, Morley R. Halse, and John Strange


A Message from the Rector of the University of Bologna to the Scientists Attending the Third International Meeting on Magnetic Resonance Applications to Porous Media
Fabio Rovesi-Monaco


NMR Imaging, NMR Diffraction and Applications of Pulsed Gradient Spin Echoes in Porous Media
P.T. Callaghan

A Microscopic Model of Fluid Transport in Porous Rocks
P. Mansfield and B. Issa

Combined Relaxation and Diffusion Studies of Porous Media Using the Multigrade CPMG Sequence
B.P. Hills, K.M. Wright, and J.E.M. Snaar

Structure-Transport Relationships in Porous Media
L.F. Gladden

Quenched Molecular Reorientation and Angular Velocity in Nanopores
J.-P. Korb, L. Malier, and F. Cros

The Effect of Diffusion and Susceptibility Differences on T2 Measurements for Fluids in Porous Media and Biological Tissues
G.C. Borgia, R.J.S. Brown, and P. Fantazzini

Self-Diffusion in Periodic Porous Media: A Comparison of Numerical Simulation and Eigenvalue Methods
L.M. Schwartz, D.J. Bergman, K.-J. Dunn, and P.P. Mitra

Diffusion and Molecular Mobility in Microporous Media: Applications to Rubber and Zeolite 4A Powders
M.R. Halse

Developments in Core Analysis by NMR Measurements
G.C. Borgia, V. Bortolotti, A. Brancolini, R.J.S. Brown, and P. Fantazzini

Utility of NMR T2 Distributions, Connection with Capillary Pressure, Clay Effect, and Determination of the Surface Relaxivity Parameter p2
R.L. Kleinberg

Characterization of Light Hydrocarbon Reservoirs by Gradient-NMR Well Logging
D. Mardon, M.G. Prammer, and G.R. Coates

Visualization of the Diffusion of Metal Ions and Organic Molecules by Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Water
Alan E. Fischer and Laurance D. Hall

Pore Structure of Hydrating Cement Paste by Magnetic Resonance Relaxation Analysis and Freezing
J.-Y. Jehng, D.T. Sprague, and W.P. Halperin

Self-Diffusion in Fluids in Porous Glass: Confinement by Pores and Liquid Adsorption Layers
R. Kimmich, S. Stapf, A.I. Maklakov, V.D. Skirda, and E.V. Khozina

Applications of Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Food Research
Michael J. McCarthy and Kathryn L. McCarthy

Pore Size Distribution Mapping
J.H. Strange, J.B.W. Webber, and S.D. Schmidt

The Application of Broad Line MRI to the Study of Porous Media
P.J. McDonald


Susceptibility Contrast and Transverse Relaxation in Porous Media: Simulations and Experiments
S. Bobroff and G. Guillot

Simulating MRI Flow Maps in Porous Rocks: A New Approach
M.A. Al-Mugheiry, B. Issa, and P. Mansfield

A Spectroscopic NMR Investigation of the Calcium Silicate Hydrates Present in Cement and Concrete
Helene Zanni, Racha Rassem-Bertolo, Sylvie Masse, Lorenzo Fernandez, Pedro Nieto and Bruno Bresson

Dispersion of Paramagnetic Tracers in Bead Packs by T1 Mapping: Experiments and Simulations
Y.E. Kutsovsky, V. Alvarado, H.T. Davis, L.E. Scriven, and B.E. Hammer

Field-Cycling NMR Relaxometry of Liquids Confined in Porous Glass: Evidence for Levy-Walks
S. Stapf, R. Kimmich, and R.-0. Seitter

Quantitative lD Saturation Profiles on Chalk by NMR
Dan Olsen, Simon Topp, Anders Stensgaard, Jens Vinther Norgaard, and Jan Reffstrup

Magnetic Field Nonuniformities and NMR of Protons Diffusing in a Porous Medium
David J. Bergman, Keh-Jim Dunn, and Gerald A. LaTorraca

Hadamard NMR Imaging with Slice Selection
H. Nilgens, M. Thelen, J. Paff , P. Bliimler, and B. Bltirnich

Fractal Geometry Impact on Nuclear Relaxation in Irregular Pores
B. Sapoval, S. Russ, D. Petit, and J.P. Korb

Multinuclear NMR Microscopy of Two-Phase Fluid Systems in Porous Rock
Daryl A. Doughty and Liviu Tomutsa


Echo-Planar Microscopy of Porous Rocks
A.M. Peters, P.S. Robyr, R.W. Bowtell, and P. Mansfield

Studies of Soil-Water Transport by MRI
M.H.G. Arnin, K.S. Richards, R.J. Chorley, S.J. Gibbs, T.A. Carpenter, and L.D. Hall

Investigation of Molecular Order and Dynamics in Liquid Crystals Confined in Porous Media Using the Dipolar-Correlation Effect on the Stimulated Echo
Farida Grinberg, Rainer Kimmich, and Siegfried Stapf

Investigation of Fluorocarbon Blowing Agents in Insulating Polymer Foams by 19F NMR Imaging
C.A. Fyfe, Z. Mei, and H. Grondey

29Si NMR Study of Hydration and Pozzolanic Reactions in Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC)
Samuel Philippot, Sylvie Masse, Helene Zanni, Pedro Nieto, Vincent Maret, and Marcel Cheyrezy

A Robust Method for Calculating Geometric Mean Times From Multiexponential Relaxation Data, Using Only a Few Data Points and Only a Few Elementary Operations
G.C. Borgia, V. Bortolotti, R.J.S. Brown, and P. Fantazzini

Ceramic Microstructure Detected by NMR Relaxation and Imaging of Fluids in the Pores
G.C. Borgia, P. Fantazzini, C. Palmonari, and G. Timellini

Carbon NMR Used in Probing the Exchange of Ethanol with Water in Water-Saturated Cement Pastes
Eddy W. Hansen and Hans Chr. Gran

Susceptibility NMR Microimaging of Heavy Metal Uptake in Alginate Biosorbents
N. Nestle and R. Kimmich

Quantitative Porosity Profiles and Wettability Contrast Visualisation in Sandstone by CPMG Imaging
S. Bobroff, G. Guillot, C. Riviere, L. Cuiec, and J.C. Roussel

High-Resolution 29Si Solid-State NMR Study of Silicon Functionality Distribution on the Surfact of Silicas
M. Luhmer, J.B. d'Espinose, H. Hommel, and A.P. Legrand

MRI as a Tool for the Study of Waterflooding Processes in Heterogeneous Cores
G. Maddinelli and A. Brancolini

Quantitative Determination of Porosity: A Local Assessment by NMR Imaging Techniques
G.C. Borgia, V. Bortolotti, P. Dattilo, P. Fantazzini, and G. Maddinelli

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of a Cookie in Comparison with Time-Lapse Photographic Analysis (TLPA) During Baking Process
S.-W. Hong, Z.-Y. Yan, M.S. Otterburn, and M.J. McCarthy

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Confined MBBA
R. Decressain, E. Cochon, T. Mansare, and C. Gors

Determination of Moisture Profiles in Porous Building Materials by NMR
L. Pel, K. Kopinga, and H. Brocken

Transient Flow Through Porous Rocks Studied by PEPI
B. Issa, M.A. Al-Mugheiry, and P. Mansfield

Micro-Imaging by Magnetic Resonance on Flexible Polyurethane Foams
B. Chauvaux, J.M. Dereppe, and R. Huis

Drying of a White Porous Limestone Monitored by NMR Imaging
F. de Barquin and J.M. Dereppe

Solid-State NMR Investigation of Acid Sites in Dealuminated HZSM-5 Zeolite
Feng Deng, Youru Du, and Chao-Hui Ye

NMR Microscopy of Polyacrylamide Hydrogel
Guang-Liang Ding, Li-Yun Li, You-Ru Du, and Chao-Hui Ye

Application of NMR Imaging to Steam Foam Flooding in Porous Media
Chen Quan, Wang Weirnin, and Cai Xianchun

The Application of NMR Imaging to the Studies of Enhanced Oil Recovery in China
Wang Weirnin, Lang Dongjiang, and Liu Wei

Six-Dimensional Spin DensityNelocity NMR Microscopy of Percolation Clusters
H.-P. Muller, R. Kimmich, and J. Weis

Surface NMR Measurement of Proton Relaxation Times in Medium to Coarse-Grained Sand Aquifer
Oleg A. Shushakov

NMR Responses to Kaolinite in Sand
T. Gr0nas, H. Rueslatten, E. Roaldset, and T. Skjetne

Phase Equilibria of Absorbed Liquids and the Structure of Porous Media
J.H. Strange, S.G. Allen, P.C.L. Stephenson, and N.P. Matveeva

PFG NMR Tracer Exchange Measurements of Xenon in Zeolites
J.A. Bolt-Westerhoff , K.P. Datema, A.K. Nowak, F. Stallmach, and J. Karger

129Xe NMR as a Probe of the Dynamics of Gas Confined in Porous Vycor
V. Pasquier, P. Levitz, D. Tinet, and A. Delville

1H NMR Study of the Structure and Dynamics of Water Confined Between Wetting Solids
A. Delville and M. Letellier

NMR Applications in Complex Food Systems
Zhen-Yi Yan, Michael J. McCarthy, Larry Klemann, MikeS. Otterburn, and John Finley

Interaction of Nonionic Polymers at a Clay Interface
J. Grandjean and P. Laszlo

NMR Study of the Diffusion Processes in Gels
L. Pavesi and M. Balzarini

Pulsed Field Gradient NMR Measurements of Probability Distribution of Displacement Under Flow in Sphere Packings
L. Lebon, J. Leblond, J.-P. Hulin, N.S. Martys, and L.M. Schwartz

29Si MAS Solid State and 129Xe NMR of Porous Silica
S.B. Oepen and H. Gi.inther

Dynamics of Fluid/Particulate Mixtures in Tube Flow
K.L. McCarthy, R.J. Kauten, and J.H. Walton

Transverse Relaxation in Random Bead Packs: Comparison of Experimental Data and Numerical Simulations
Christian Straley and Lawrence M. Schwartz

Wettability and T1 Proton Relaxation Times of Sandstone Rocks
Edward Gogolashvili


Nuclear Magnetism Logging at the Coyote Institute
Robert J.S. Brown