Statoil Research Center
Trondheim, Norway
31 August -3 September 1997
A special issue of:
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (vol. 16, 5/6, 1998)
Edited by:
G.C. Borgia
P. Fantazzini
J.C. Gore
J.H. Strange
The Meeting was organized by SINTEF Unimed (Norway), STATOIL,
(Norwegian University of Science and Technology),

and Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna (Italy)
with the further support of:
Bruker Spectrospin,Sweden
Chevron Petroleum Technology, CoUSA
Esaote SpA, Italy
Norcem, Norway
Norges Forskningsrad, Norway
Phillips Petroleum Co., USA
Reservoir Laboratories, ResLab, Norway
Resonance Instruments, UK
Saga Petroleum Co., Norway
Security DBS Intl., Belgium
Security DBS, Norway
Stelar Snc, Italy

G.C. Borgia (Chairman, Italy)
J.J. Attard
B. Bliimich
R.J.S. Brown
P. Callaghan
(New Zealand)
J-M. Dereppe
P. Fantazzini
L.D. Hall
W.P. Halperin
R. Kimmich
J.P. Korb
P.J. McDonald
P. Mansfield
B. Maraviglia
K.J. Packer
T. Skjetne
J.H. Strange
(Co-Chairman, UK)
T. Skjetne (Chairman, SINTEF, Norway)
J.J. Attard
(SINTEF, Norway)
G.C. Borgia
(University of Bologna, Italy)
T. Eidesmo
(Statoil, Norway)
P. Fantazzini
(University of Bologna, Italy)
B. Hafskjold
(NTNU, Norway)
H. Rueslatten
(Statoil, Norway)

The Conference was divided into 10 Sessions.
The Chairs were as follows:

Session I:
P.T. Callaghan and R. Kimmich
Session II:
B. Bliimich and K.J. Packer
Session III:
H.F. Booth and P. McDonald
Session IV:
P. Fantazzini and W.J. Looyestijn
Session V:
T. Eidesmo and H. RuesHitten
Session VI:
J.J. Howard and D. Olsen
Session VII:
T. Skjetne and J.H. Strange
Session VIII:
G.C. Borgia and A.T. Watson
Session IX:
B. Hafskjold and G. Sorland
Session X:
H. Forster and M. Hurlimann

The Fourth International Meeting on MR Applications to Porous Media
Giulio Cesare Borgia, Paola Fantazzini, and John H. Strange


Fluid Flow in Porous Systems
P. Mansfield and M. Bencsik

A Broad Line NMR and MRI Study of Water and Water Transport in Portland Cement Pastes
A.J. Bohris, U. Goerke, P.J. McDonald, M. Mulheron, B. Newling, and B. LePage

The Characterisation of Fluid Transport in Porous Solids by Means of Pulsed Magnetic Field radient NMR
K.J. Packer, S. Stapf, J.J. Tessier, and R.A. Damion

Generalised Calculation of NMR Imaging Edge Effects Arising from Restricted Diffusion in Porous Media
P.T. Callaghan and S.L. Codd

The NMR Mouse: Construction, Excitation, and Applications
B. Blumich, P. Bliirnler, G. Eidmann, A. Guthausen, R. Haken, U. Schmitz, K. Saito, and G. Zimmer

Measurement of Textural Changes of Food by MRI Relaxometry
L.D. Hall, S.D. Evans, and K.P. Nott


NMR Imaging Experiments for the Verification of Stochastic Transport Theory
N.C. Irwin, S.A. Altobelli, J.H. Cushman, and R.A. Greenkom

Visualisation of Structure and Flow in Packed Beds
A.J. Sederman, M.L. Johns, P. Alexander, and L.F. Gladden

Microdynamics and Phase Equilibria in Organic Nanocrystals
H.F. Booth and J.H. Strange

Freezing D20 Clay Gels
M. Letellier

NMR Relaxation Studies of Porous Sol-Gel Glasses
S. Wonorahardjo, G. Ball, J. Hook, and G. Moran

Analysis of Microporosity and Setting of Reactive Powder Concrete by Proton Nuclear Relaxation
S. Philippot, J.P. Korb, D. Petit, and H. Zanni

Concrete/Mortar Water Phase Transition Studied by Single-Point MRI Methods
P.J. Prado, B.J. Balcom, S.D. Beyea, R.L. Armstrong, T.W. Bremner, and P.E. Grattan-Bellew

Water Absorption in Mortar Determined by NMR
L. Pel, K. Hazrati, K. Kopinga, and J. Marchand

Quantitative Estimates of Porous Media Wettability from Proton NMR Measurement
J.J. Howards

Dephasing of Hahn Echo in Rocks by Diffusion in Susceptibility-induced Field Inhomogeneities
M.D. Hurlimann, K.G. Helmer, and C.H. Sotak

Determination of Surface Relaxivity from NMR Diffusion Measurements
W.F.J. Slijkerman and J.P. Hofman

NMR Characterization of Hydrocarbon Gas in Porous Media
P. Hari, C.T.P. Chang, R. Kulkarni, J.R. Lien, and A.T. Watson

Examples of Uniform-Penalty Inversion of Multiexponential Relaxation Data
G.C. Borgia, R.J.S. Brown, and P. Fantazzini

Permeability Relation for Periodic Structures
K.-J. Dunn, G.A. LaTorraca, and D.J. Bergman

Microstructural Characterization of Starch Systems by NMR Relaxation and Q-Space Microscopy
B.P. Hills, J. Godward, C.E. Manning, J.L. Biechlin, and K.M. Wright

Water Diffusion in Biological Porous Systems: a NMR Approach
A.V. Anisimov, N.Y. Sorokina, and N.R. Dautova

Flow and Transport Studies in (Non)consolidated Porous (Bio)systems Consisting of Solid or Porous
H. Van As, W. Palstra, U. Tallarek, and D. Van Dusschoten

Translational Diffusion of Liquids at Surface of Microporous Materials: New Theoretical Analysis of Field Cycling Magnetic Relaxation Measurements
J.-P. Korb, M. Whaley Hodges, and R. Bryant

Diffusion Processes in Confined Materials
D.W. Aksnes, L. Gjerdaker, S.G. Allen, H.F. Booth, and J.H. Strange

Self-diffusion of Water and Oil in Peanuts Investigated by PFG NMR
N.L. Zakhartchenko, V.D. Skirda, and R.R. Valiullin

Strong Gradients for Spatially Resolved Diffusion Measurements
J.E.M. Snaar, P. Robyr, and R. Bowtell

Comparative Measurements between a New Logging Tool and a Reference Instrument
M. Locatelli, H. Mathieu, S. Bobroff, G. Guillot, and B. Zinszner


Susceptibility Effects in Unsaturated Porous Silica
S. Allen, M. Mallett, M.E. Smith, and J.H. Strange

Permeability Estimation from NMR Diffusion Measurements in Reservoir Rocks
M. Balzarini, A. Brancolini, and P. Gossenberg

Fluid Transport in Glass Beads Phantoms: Spatial Velocity Measurements and Confirmation of the Stochastic Model
M. Bencsik, B. lssa, M.A. Al-Mugheiry, R.W. Bowtell, and P. Mansfield

A NMR Characterisation of a Banded Sandstone
A.C. Bolam and K.J. Packer

Estimates of Permeability and Irreducible Water Saturation by means of a New Robust Computation of Fractional Power Average Relaxation Times
G.C. Borgia, R.J.S. Brown, and P. Fantazzini

A New Method for Estimating T2 Distributions from NMR Measurements
A. Miller, S. Chen, D.T. Georgi, and K. Vozoff

Pore Size NMR Imaging
P. Coussot

A Method for Approximating Fractional Power Average Relaxation Times Without Inversion of Multiexponential Relaxation Data
G.C. Borgia, V. Bortolotti, R.J.S. Brown, and P. Fantazzini

Crystallization of Crystallizable and Amorphous Polymer Mixtures and Peculiarities of their Structure: An NMR Study
A.V. Filippov, V.S. Srnirnov, and M.M. Doroginizkij

Crystallization of Poly(ethylene Oxide) Confined in Pores of Active Carbon
A.V. Filippov, M.M. Doroginizkij, and R.Sh. Vartapetyan

Molecular Dynamics and Order of Microconfined Liquid Crystals
F. Grinberg, R. Kimmich, and S. Stapf

Trabecular Bone Characterization with Low-Field MRI
F. Remy and G. Guillot

Diffraction-like Effects in a Highly Concentrated W/0 Emulsion: A PFG NMR Study
B. Hakansson, R. Pons, and O. Soderman

Diffusion of Liquids into Semicrystalline Polyethylene
S.G. Harding and L.F. Gladden

Assessment of the Pore Geometry of Stereolithographic Models by High-Resolution MRI
B. Issa, P. Gibbs, R. Hodgskinson, C.M. Langton, and L.W. Turnbull

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study of Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid Extraction from Porous Media
M.L. Johns and L.F. Gladden

Low-Field NMR Determinations of the Properties of Heavy Oils and Water-in-Oil Emulsions
G.A. LaTorraca, K.J. Dunn, P.R. Webber, and R.M. Carlson

The Effect of Wait Time on T2 Distributions from NMR Experiments
J.R. Lien, C.T.P. Chang, R. Kulkarni, and A.T. Watson

NMR Imaging Application to the Study of Adsorption/Precipitation of Chemicals inside Porous Media
G. Maddinelli

Evaluation of Chemically-induced Pore Surface Modifications on Rock Cores
G. Maddinelli and R. Vitali

Characterisation of Fluid Flow through Porous Media Using Three-Dimensional Microimaging and Pulsed Gradient Stimulated Echo NMR
B. Manz, P. Alexander, P. Warren, and L.F. Gladden

NMR in Porous Materials
F. Milia, M. Fardis, G. Papavassiliou, and A. Leventis

A NMR Investigation of Adsorbtion/Desorbtion Hysteresis in Porous Silica Gels
P. Porion, A.M. Faugere, P. Levitz, H. Van Damrne, A. Raoof, J.P. Guilbaud, and F. Chevoir

Exchange Dynamics of Surfactants in Adsorption Layers Investigated by PFG NMR Diffusion
M. Schonhoff and O. Soderman

Measurements of Diffusion in Porous Polyethylene Powder Using PFGSTE NMR
J.G. Seland and B. Hafskjold

Self-Diffusion and Molecular Mobility in PVA-based Dissolution-controlled Systems for Drug Delivery
J.E.M. Snaar, R. Bowtell, C.D. Melia, S. Morgan, B. Narasimhan, and N.A. Peppas

Diffusion and Relaxation in Interface Layers of Crystals in Nanoporous Glass
T. Zavada, S. Stapf, and R. Kimmich

Mass Transfer in Chromatographic Columns Studied by Pulsed Field Gradient NMR
U. Tallarek, D. Van Dusschoten, H. Van As, G. Guiochon, and E. Bayer

Spatially Resolved Transport Properties in Radially Compressed Bead Packings Studied by PFG NMR
D. Van Dusschoten, U. Tallarek, T. Scheenen, U.D. Neue, and H. Van As

Estimation of Porous Media Flow Functions Using NMR Imaging Data
R. Kulkarni, AT. Watson, and J.-E. Nordtvedt

Field-Cycling NMR Relaxometry of Molecules Undergoing Levy Walks at the Surface of Fine Particles and Porous Glass
T. Zavada, S. Stapf, U. Beginn, and R. Kimmich