University of Ulm, Ulm, Germany
8 -12 September 2002
A special issue of:
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Edited by:
G.C. Borgia
P. Fantazzini
J.C. Gore
M. Holz
J.H. Strange
The Meeting was organized
with the further support of:
Universität Ulm
University of Bologna
Schlumberger-Doll Research
, Ridgefield, Connecticut, USA
Bruker Analytik GmbH, Rheinstetten, Germany
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Bonn, Germany
STELAR s.r.l., Mede (PV), Italy
Varian Inc., Darmstadt, Germany

Rainer Kimmich (chair, D)
Jerzy Blicharski (PL)
Bernhard Blümich (D)
Giulio Cesare Borgia (I)
Richard Bowtell (UK)
Paul Callaghan (NZ)
Paola Fantazzini (I)
Eiichi Fukushima (USA)
John C. Gore (USA)
Laurie Hall (UK)
Jörg Kärger (D)
Jean-Pierre Korb (F)
Peter McDonald (UK)
Sir Peter Mansfield (UK)
Ken J. Packer (UK)
Pabitra Sen (USA)
John H. Strange (UK)
Hans Thomann (USA)
Marija Vilfan (SI)
Rainer Kimmich (chair, Ulm)
Ioan Ardelean (Cluj)
Uwe Beginn (Ulm)
Bogdan Buhai (Ulm)
Giulio Cesare Borgia (Bologna)
Paola Fantazzini (Bologna)
Elmar Fischer (Ulm)
Farida Gringberg (Ulm)
Manfred Holz (Karlsruhe)
Birgit Körner (Ulm)
Elke Kossel (Ulm)
Arnold Kühnle (Ulm)
Carlos Mattea (Ulm)
Attila Scharfenecker (Ulm)
Karl-Heinz Spohn (Ulm)
Hans Wiringer (Ulm)

The Conference was divided into 13 Sessions.
The Chairs were as follows:

Session I:
P. McDonald
Session II:
L. Gladden
Session III:
J-P. Korb
Session IV:
E. Fukushima
Session V:
M. Vilfan
Session VI:
H. W. Buggisch
Session VII:
P. Sen
Session VIII:
P. Levitz
Session IX:
G. Guillot
Session X:
J. Kärger
Session XI:
J. Jokisaari
Session XII:
F. Grinberg
Session XIII:
B. Blümich

The Sixth International Meeting on MR Applications to Porous Media
John H. Strange


Giulio Cesare Borgia: Founder, Promoter, and Nurturer of the MRPM Conferences
Robert James Sidford Brown


Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media: Forty Years On
Ken J. Packer


Low–Frequency Proton NMR Relaxometry of a Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Above TNI
M. Vilfan, G. Lahajnar, I. Zupančič, and B. Zalar

Slow Dynamics in Colloidal Glasses and Porous Media as Probed by NMR Relaxometry: Assessment of Solvent Lévy Statistics in the Strong Adsorption Regime
P.E. Levitz

Structure-Mobility Relations of Molecular Diffusion in Nanoporous Materials
Jörg Kärger, Frank Stallmach, Sergey Vasenkov

Surface Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation and Dynamics of Water and Oil in Granular Packings and Rocks
J.-P. Korb, S. Godefroy, and M. Fleury

Studies of Porous Media by Thermally Polarized Gas NMR: Current Status
S.D. Beyea, S.L. Codd, D.O. Kuethe, and E. Fukushima

Novel NMR Techniques for Porous Media Research
Y.-Q. Song

In-situ Magnetic Resonance Measurement of Conversion, Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer during Single- and Two-Phase Flow in Fixed-Bed Reactors
L.F. Gladden, P. Alexander, M.M. Britton, M.D. Mantle, A.J. Sederman, and E.H.L. Yuen

Pore Surface Exploration by NMR
J. H. Strange, J. Mitchell, and J.B.W.Webber

Bone Tissue and Porous Media: Common Features and Differences Studied by NMR Relaxation
P. Fantazzini, R.J.S. Brown, and G.C. Borgia

Magnetic Resonance Profiling Studies of the Drying of Film-forming Aqueous Dispersion and Glue Layers
G. Bennett, J. -P. Gorce, J. L. Keddie, P. J. McDonald

Use of the Second Dimension in PGSE NMR Studies of Porous Media
P. T. Callaghan, S. Godefroy, and B.N. Ryland

Analysis of Historical Porous Building Materials by the NMR-MOUSEâ
S. Sharma, F. Casanova, W. Wache. A. Segre, B. Blümich

A New Probe of Pore Geometry. Diffusive MASS NMR
P. N. Sen, Y. Liu, G. Leu, and D.G. Cory

Molecular Mobility in Fixed-Bed Reactors Investigated by Multiscale NMR Techniques
X. Ren, S. Stapf, H. Kühn, D. E. Demco, and B. Blümich

NMR Properties of Petroleum Reservoir Fluids
G. J. Hirasaki, S.-W. Lo, Y. Zhang


Modified Oscillating Gradient Pulses for Direct Sampling of the Diffusion Spectrum Suitable for Imaging Sequences
E. C Parsons Jr, M. D Does, J. C Gore

Applications of Controlled-Flow Laser-Polarized Xenon Gas to Porous and Granular Media Study
R. W. Mair, R. Wang, M. S. Rosen, D. Candela, D. G. Cory, and R. L. Walsworth

MRI Studies of The Evaporation of a Single Liquid Droplet From Porous Surfaces
M. D. Mantle, N.C. Reis Jr., R. F. Griffiths, and L. F.Gladden

NMR Magnetization Transfer as a Tool for Characterization of Nanoporous Materials
R. Valiullin, I. Furó, V. Skirda, and P. Kortunov

Diffusion - Relaxation Distribution Functions of Sedimentary Rocks in Different Saturation States
M. D. Hürlimann, M. Flaum, L. Venkataramanan, C. Flaum, R. Freedman, and G.J. Hirasaki

Internal Magnetic Gradient Fields in Glass Bead Packs from Numerical Simulations and Constant Time Diffusion Spin Echo Measurements
M. Winkler, M. Zhou, M. Bernardo, B. Endeward, and H. Thomann

Salt Transport and Crystallization in Porous Building Materials
L. Pel, H. Huinink, and K. Kopinga

Electric Field Driven Flow in Natural Porous Media
P. Bendel, M. Bernardo, J. H. Dunsmuir, and H. Thomann

Time-resolved Observation of the Decomposition Process of N,N,N-Trimethylanilinium Cations on Zeolite H-Y by in situ Stopped-flow 13C MAS NMR Spectroscopy
W. Wang, M. Xu, A. Buchholz, A. Arnold, and M. Hunger

NMR Study on the Early Stages of Hydration of a Porous Carbonate Stone
M. Alesiani, S. Capuani, B. Maraviglia

The NMR Microimaging Studies of the Interplay of Mass Transport and Chemical Reaction in Porous Media
I.V. Koptyug, A.A. Lysova, A.V. Matveev, L. Yu. Ilyina, R.Z. Sagdeev, and V.N. Parmon

MRI Observation of Heavy Metal Transport in Aquifer Matrices down to Sub-mg Quantities
N. Nestle, T. Baumann, A. Wunderlich, and R. Niessner

Three-dimensional Snow Images by MR Microscopy
T. Ozeki, K. Kose, T. Haishi, S. Hashimoto, S. Nakatsubo, and K. Nishimura


What is the Surface Specific Area of Porous Cement Based-Material? A Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation Dispersion Approach
F. Barberon, J.-P. Korb, D. Petit, V. Morin, and E. Bermejo

Quantitative ‘Real-Time’ Imaging of Multi-Phase Flow in Catalyst Monoliths
A. J. Sederman, M. D. Mantle, and L. F.Gladden

Diffusion Studies in Porous Media with the “Inside-Out” Technique
A. Marko, B. Wolter

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study of Complex Fluid Flow in Porous Media: Flow Patterns and Quantitative Saturation Profiling of Amphiphilic Fracturing Fluid Displacement in Sandstone Cores
S. Sheppard, M. D. Mantle, A. J. Sederman, M. L. Johns, and L. F. Gladden

Micropore Size Analysis by NMR in Hydrated Cement
A. Plassais , M.-P. Pomiès, N. Lequeux, P. Boch, J.-P. Korb, D. Petit, and F. Barberon

Spatial Dependence of Dispersion
A. A. Khrapitchev, and P.T Callaghan

Flow of Newtonian / Non-Newtonian Fluids in a Bundle of Tubes and in a Packing of Beads by MRI
C. Heinen, H. Buggisch, and G. Guthausen

2D Relaxation / Diffusion Correlations in Porous Media
S. Godefroy, and P. T. Callaghan

Quantitative Evaluation of Porous Media Wettability Using NMR relaxometry
M. Fleury, and F. Deflandre

Investigation of Two Phase Flow and Phase Trapping by Secondary Imbibition within Fontainebleau Sandstone
W. M. Holmes, and K. J. Packer

Improved Pore Space Structure Characterization by Fusion of Relaxation Tomography Maps
G.C. Borgia, V. Bortolotti, P. Fantazzini, M. Gombia, M. Zaniboni

Magnetic Resonance Studies of Dissolving Particulate Solids
M.L. Johns, and L.F. Gladden

Single Sided Imaging Sensor
P. J. Prado

The Study of Xe Adsorption Behavior in Meso-size Pores of Carbon Black Materials using Laser-Polarized 129 Xe NMR Spectroscopy
K. Saito, A. Kimura, and H. Fujiwara

Deformation and Failure of Rock Samples Probed by T1 and T2 Relaxation
C.H. van der Zwaag, E. Veliyulin, T. Skjetne, A.E. Lothe, R.M. Holt, and O..M. Nes

Investigation on the Diffusivity of Partly Fluorinated Hydrocarbons in Polymers
M. Mayele, S. Neutzler, L. R. Oellrich

MRI Observation of Oxigen-supersaturated Water Transport in a Geological Matrix
N. Nestle, T. Baumann, A. Wunderlich, and R. Niessner

Intermolecular Double-Quantum NMR Techniques to Probe Microstructures on Porous Media
S. Capuani, R. T. Branca, M. Alesiani, and B. Maraviglia