Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France
4-8 July 2004
A special issue of:
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Edited by:
Paola Fantazzini
John C. Gore
Jean-Pierre Korb
The Meeting was organized with
the further support of
Schlumberger-Doll Research, Ridgefield, Connecticut, USA.
Bruker Biospin S.A., Wissembourg, France
STELAR s.r.l., Mede (PV), Italy
Università di Bologna, Bologna, Italy
Varian Inc., France
ATILH Association Technique de l’Industrie des Liants Hydrauliques, La Défense, France
Resonance Instruments Ltd, UK
IFP, Rueil Malmaison, France
RS2D, Strasbourg, France

Jean-Pierre Korb (Chair, F)
Jerzy Blicharski (PL)
Bernhard Blümich (D)
Richard Bowtell (GB)
Robert J.S. Brown (USA)
Paul Callaghan (NZ)
Paola Fantazzini (I)
Eiichi Fukushima (USA)
Lynn Gladden (GB)
John Gore (USA)
Laurie Hall (GB)
Martin Hürlimann (USA)
Jörg Kärger (D)
Rainer Kimmich (D)
Igor Koptyug (RU)
Peter McDonald (GB)
Sir Peter Mansfield - Nobel Prize 2003 (GB)
Bruno Maraviglia (I)
Ken Packer (GB)
Pabitra Sen (USA)
John Strange (GB)
Hans Thomann (USA)
Rustem Valiullin (RU)
Marija Vilfan (SI)
Jean-Pierre Korb (Chair, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau)
Pierre Levitz (Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau)
Dominique Petit (Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau)
Fabien Barberon (Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau)
Cecile Vigouroux (Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau)
Geneviève Guillot (Université d'Orsay)
Hélène Zanni (ESPCI, Paris)
Jacques Leblond (ESPCI, Paris)
Michel Rochet (Collège de Polytechnique)
Denise Abboud (Collège de Polytechnique)
Émilie Duley (Collège de Polytechnique)

The Conference was divided into 13 Sessions.
The Chairs were as follows:

Session I:
J. H. Strange
Session II:
M. Goldman
Session III:
P. Levitz
Session IV:
P.T. Callaghan
Session V:
S. Vasenkov
Session VI:
R. G. Bryant
Session VII:
G. Guillot
Session VIII:
B. Blümich
Session IX:
M. Fleury
Session X:
H. Zanni
Session XI:
S. Stapf
Session XII:
P. J. McDonald
Session XIII:
R. Kimmich

The Seventh International Conference on Magnetic Resonance Applications to Porous Media
Paola Fantazzini, John C. Gore and Jean-Pierre Korb


Memorial lecture honoring Giulio Cesare Borgia Magnetic Resonance for fluids in Porous Media at the University of Bologna
Paola Fantazzini

Some perspectives on dispersion and the use of ensemble-averaged PGSE NMR
P. T. Callaghan

Long-range diffusion in beds of nanoporous particles: Pitfalls and Potentials
S. Vasenkov and J. Kärger

Confined dynamics, forms and transitions in colloidal systems: From clays to DNA
P. E. Levitz

Hyperpolarization of 13C through order transfer from para-hydrogen: a new contrast agent for MRI
M. Goldman, H. Jóhannesson, O. Axelsson and M.Karlsson

Viscoelastic shear properties of in-vivo breast lesion measured by MR-elastography
R. Sinkus, M. Tanter, T. Xydeas, S. Catheline, J. Bercoff and M. Fink

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and spin relaxation in biological systems
R.G. Bryant and J-P.Korb

Field-cycled PEDRI imaging of free radicals with detection at 450 mT
D.J. Lurie, G.R. Davies, M.A. Foster and J.M.S. Hutchinson

PEDRI imaging of free radical distribution in environmental science applications – first results and perspectives
N. Nestle, K. Shet and D. Lurie

Polymer chain dynamics under nanoscopic confinements
R. Kimmich, N. Fatkullin, C. Mattea and E. Fischer

Advances of unilateral, mobile NMR in nondestructive materials testing
B. Blümich, F. Casanova, J. Perlo, S. Anferova, V. Anferov, K. Kremer, N. Goga, K. Kupferschläger and M. Adams


Study of gas-fluidization dynamics with laser-polarised 129Xe
R. Wang, M.S. Rosen, D. Candela, R.W. Mair and R.L. Walsworth

Concentration-dependent self-diffusion of adsorbates in mesoporous materials
R. Valiullin, P. Kortunov, J. Kärger and V. Timoshenko

Modelling diffusion in white matter in the brain: a composite porous medium
P. N. Sen and P. J. Basser

Functional MRI and NMR spectroscopy of an operating gas-liquid-solid catalytic reactor
I.V. Koptyug, A.A. Lysova, A.V. Kulikov, V.A. Kirillov, V.N. Parmon and R.Z. Sagdeev

Combining macroscopic and microscopic diffusion studies in zeolites using NMR techniques
K. Banas, F. Brandani, D. Ruthven, F. Stallmach and J. Kärger

PFG NMR study of transport properties of FCC catalysts
P. Kortunov, S. Vasenkov, J. Kärger, M. Fé Elía, M. Perez, E. Hansen, M. Stöcker, G.K. Papadopoulous, D. Theodorou, B. Drescher, G. McElhiney, B. Bernauer, V.Krystl, M. Kocirik, A. Zikanova, H. Jirglova, C. Berger, R. Gläser, J. Weittkamp and E.W. Hansen

Contrast-enhanced dynamic MRI protocol with improved spatial and time resolution for in vivo microimaging of the mouse with a 1.5 T body scanner and a superconducting surface coil
J-C. Ginefri, M. Poirier-Quinot, P. Robert and L. Darrasse

DTI of trabecular bone marrow
C. Rossi, S. Capuani, F. Fasano, M. Alesiani and B. Maraviglia

Morphology and chain dynamics during collapse transition of PNIPAM gels studied by combined imaging, relaxometry and 129Xe spectroscopy techniques
S. Kariyo, M. Küppers, M.V. Badiger, A. Prabhakar, B. Jagadeesh, S. Stapf and B. Blümich

Water content distribution in a polymer electrolyte membrane for advanced fuel cell system with liquid water supply
S. Tsushima, K. Teranishi, K. Nishida and S. Hirai

Two dimensional NMR Petrophysics
B. Sun and K-J. Dunn

Centric scan SPRITE for spin density imaging of short relaxation time porous materials
Q. Chen, M. Halse and B.J. Balcom

Interactions between chloride and cement-paste materials
F. Barberon, V. Baroghel-Bouny, H. Zanni, B. Bresson, J-B. D’Espinose de la Caillerie, L. Malosse and Z. Gan

Salt crystallization as damage mechanism in porous building materials - an NMR study
L.A. Rijniers, L. Pel, H.P. Huinink and K. Kopinga

The influence of superplasticizers on the first steps of tri-calcium silicate hydration studied by NMR techniques
I. Pirazzoli, M. Alesiani, S. Capuani, B. Maraviglia, R. Giorgi, F. Ridi and P. Baglioni

NMR study of the vapor phase contribution to diffusion in partially filled silica glasses with nanometer and micrometer pores
I. Ardelean, G. Farrher, C. Mattea and R. Kimmich

Hydrodynamics in two-phase flow within porous media
L.D. Anadon, M.H.M. Lim, A.J. Sederman and L.F. Gladden

NMR in rotating magnetic fields: Magic angle field spinning
D. Sakellariou, C. Meriles, R.W. Martin and A. Pines

Multiple modulation multiple echoes: a one-shot method
Y-Q. Song

Fixed and pulsed gradient diffusion methods in low field core analysis
G. Leu, E.J. Fordham, M.D. Hürlimann and P. Frulla

A MRI-SPI and NMR relaxation study of drying-hydration coupling effect on microstructure of cement-based materials at early age
P. Faure, S. Care, C. Po, and S. Rodts


Dissolution of laser-polarised xenon in benzene
P. Berthault and H. Desvaux

Continuous wave MRI diffusion study of water in bentonite clay
A.J. Fagan, N. Nestle and D.J. Lurie

NMR investigation of gaseous SF6 confinement into EPDM rubber
S. Neutzler, M. Terekhov, D. Hoepfel and L. Oellrich

Imaging of water distribution in thermally fractured granite by SPRITE
M. Yamaguchi, K. Kobori, K. Suzuki, Y. Ikeda and S. Altobelli

Xenon NMR measurements of permeability and tortuosity in reservoir rocks
R. Wang, T. Pavlin, M.S. Rosen, R.W. Mair, D.G. Cory and R.L. Walsworth

Network images of drainage channels in sea spray icing by MR microscopy
T. Ozeki, K. Kose, T. Haishi, S. Nakatsubo and Y. Matsuda

Measuring pore connectivity by pulsed field gradient diffusion editing with hydrocarbon gasses
M. Flaum, G.J. Hirasaki, C. Flaum and C. Straley

MRI as a key tool for understanding and modeling filtration kinetics of fibrous media
M.J. Lehmann, E.H. Hardy, J. Meyer and G. Kasper

Correlation of porous and functional properties of food materials by NMR relaxometry and multivariate analysis
A. Haiduc and J. Van Duynhoven

Diffusion of polyethyleeneglycols in casein solutions and gels as studied by pulsed field gradient NMR
R. Colsenet, O. Soderman and F. Mariette

Displacement propagators of brine flowing within different types of sedimentary rocks
D.A. Verganelakis, J. Crawshaw, M.L. Johns, M.D. Mantle, U. Scheven, A.J. Sederman and L.F. Gladden

Determination of water compartments in rat myocardium using combined D-T1 and T1-T2 experiments
J.G. Seland, M. Bruvod, H. Anthonsen, H. Brurok, W. Nordhøy, P. Jynge and J. Krane

A comparison of experimental and simulated propagators in porous media using Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy, lattice Boltzmann hydrodynamics simulations and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
R.J. Harris, A.J. Sederman, M.D. Mantle, J.Crawshaw and M.L. Johns

Magnetic resonance imaging and relaxation analysis to predict non-invasively and non-destructively salt-to-moisture ratios in dry-cured meat
P. Fantazzini, V. Bortolotti, C. Garavaglia, M. Gombia, S. Riccardi, P. Schembri, R. Virgili and C. Soresi Bordini

NMR-propagator measurements in porous media in the presence of surface relaxation and internal fields
U.M. Scheven, J.G. Seland and D.G. Cory

Quadrupolar interaction study of various cations confined in porous charged polymer films of sPI ionomers
A-L. Rollet, P. Porion, A. Delville, O. Diat and G. Gebel

MRI-investigation and complementary numerical simulations of flow through random bead packings with low aspect ratio
C. Heinen, J. Tillich, H. Buggisch, T. Zeiser and H. Freund

Micropore size analysis in oilwell cement by proton nuclear relaxation
G. Le Saoût, E. Lécolier, A. Rivereau and H. Zanni

Structure characterization of foams and filled polymers by means of MRI
N. Eisenreich, A. Geissler, E. Geissler and J. Götz

Field-gradient NMR diffusometry in poly(ethylene oxide) melts confined to nanoscopic pores of solid methacrylate matrices
E. Fischer, U. Beginn, N. Fatkullin and R. Kimmich

Spatial distribution of coke residues in porous catalyst pellets analyzed by field-cycling relaxometry and parameter imaging
S. Stapf, X. Ren, E. Talnishnikh and B. Blümich

Ultra-fast velocity imaging of single- and two-phase flows in ceramic monolith
J. J. Heras, A.J. Serderman and L.F. Gladden

Rapid imaging of fluid flow patterns in a narrow packed bed using MRI
M.C. Sains, M.S. El-Bachir, A.J. Sederman and L.F. Gladden

Determination of porosity and flow distributions in packed beds by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
N.L. Nguyen, V. Van Buren, R. Reimert and A. Von Garnier,

Flow measurements below 50μm: NMR microscopy experiments in lithographic model pore spaces
E. Kossel and R. Kimmich


NMR and MRI from nanometers to meters
A. Pines

Complex molecular dynamics in confinement
H.W. Spiess

Application of diffusion- relaxation distribution function
M.D. Hürliman

Non equilibrium phase behavior for oils in porous media
H. Thomann

Ultrasound stimulated NMR relaxometry: application to the study of molecular dynamics in liquid crystals materials
E. Anoardo and F. Bonetto

Optimization of resolution in gas MRI
R.H. Acosta, L. Agules-Pedros, P. Blümler and H.W. Spiess

Analysis of CPMG decay curves for hyperpolarised helium-3 in lungs: susceptibility contrast and lung space geometry
G. Guillot, A. Vignaud, L. de Rochefort, X. Maître and E. Durand

Combined relaxation and pulsed field gradient MRI to acquire sub-pixel information for molecular displacements of fluids in porous media
H. Van As, P.A. de Jager, F. Vergeldt and C. Windt

The development of geomagnetic field nuclear magnetic log
V. Sapunov, G. Takkand, E. Ligus and T. Khismetov

Investigation of large volume cement-based materials
J. Boguszynska, P.J. McDonald, J. Mitchell, L. Monteilhet, M. Mulheron and J. Tritt Goc

Estimation of length-scales in soils by MRI
N.E. Daidzic, S. Altobelli and J.I.D. Alexander


The CPMG measurement of restricted diffusion in a static gradient
L.J. Zielinski and M. D. Hürlimann

Correlations between transverse relaxation and internal gradients in porous systems containing oil and water
J.G. Seland, K.E. Washburn, H.W. Anthonsen and J. Krane

Results on the diffusivity of partly fluorinated hydrocarbons in polymers
S. Neutzler and L.R. Oelrich

Visualization of benzene diffusion in a zeolite bed using a slice selection procedure
S. Leclerc, J. Fraissard and D. Canet

Dynamics in ionomer membranes for fuel cell applications
J.C. Perrin, S. Lyonnard, P. Levitz, A. Guillermo, O. Diat and G. Gebel

High resolution magic angle spinning (hr-MAS) NMR for the characterization of organotins grafted to polymers
M. Biesemans, L. Lokeren, K. Poelmans, V. Pinoie, F. Mercier, J. Martins and R. Willem

Flow in porous media measured with a single-sided NMR sensor
J. Perlo, F. Casanova and B. Blümich

Low frequency backbone fluctuations in rotationally constrained proteins
J.P. Korb and R.G. Bryant

Design and construction of a portable one-sided access NMR probe
M.W. Hunter, P.T. Callaghan, R. Dyskra, C.D. Eccles and S. Vamanan

MRI study of drainage process in a model porous column: application to modelisation of diphasic drainage
P. Faure, J. Benard, R. Eymard and X. Nicolas

Single-sided NMR analysis on model systems for the evaluation of in situ measurements on cultural heritage materials
C. Casieri, F. De Luca and P. Fantazzini

NMR relaxation and 13C CPMAS applied to wood characterization
M. Alesiani, F. Proietti, S. Capuani, M Fioravanti, M. Paci and B. Maraviglia

Velocity distributions remotelly measured with a single-sided NMR sensor
F. Casanova. J. Perlo, and B. Blümich

Surface and confinement induced molecular dynamics of thin lipid film: a 1H multiple-quantum NMR study
B. Jagadeesh, A. Prabhakar, A. Buda, D.E. Demco and B. Blümich

Sedimentary rocks characterization with a single-sided NMR instrument
G. Maddinelli and E. Peron

Application of 29Si homonuclear and 1H/29Si heteronuclear NMR correlation to structural studies of calcium silicate hydrates
F. Brunet, Ph. Bertani, Th. Charpentier, A. Nonat and J. Virlet

Feasibility study of a mobile NMR scanner for porosity measurements on deep sea ocean drilling core samples
B. Blümich, S. Anferova, J. Arnold, R. Pechnig, R. Fechete and C. Clauser

Relations between gas diffusion and morphology in macroporous systems
C. Vigouroux, D. Petit and P. Levitz

Non-invasive monitoring of water intake in porous rocks
P. Prado and J. Asmus

Restricted diffusion simulations in porous media for nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) applications
A. Valfouskaya, M. Fleury, J.F. Thovert and P.M. Adler

Surface nuclear magnetic resonance – Applications in hydrogeophysics and future developments
M. Müller and Y. Yaramanci

Computer modeling of pore structure using petrographic and NMR data
R. Kadushnikov, V. Neshchadimov, V. Khvatkov and V. Sapunov

NMR multi-quantum coherence and relaxometry investigations of the ordering effects of cylindrical pore walls on monolayer and multilayer adsorbed 5CB liquid crystals
J. Bharatam, S. Stapf and B. Blümich

Field-dependence of relaxation time distribution in rock samples
V. Bortolotti, R.J.S. Brown, P. Fantazzini, G. Ferrante and S. Sykora

Moisture measurements of porous products
B. Blümich, O. Dicoi and M. Krüger

Microscopic distribution of internal magnetic fields for partially saturated Berea sandstone and its application to the study of pore filling processes
Q. Chen, A.E. Marble, B.G. Colpitts, and B.J. Balcom

A magnetic resonance imaging study of temperature and water distribution during microwave processes
K. Knoezer, M. Regier, E.H. Hardy, A. Hermann and H. Schubert

MRI study of anomalous moisture diffusion in an expoxy adhesive
G. LaPlante, A.V. Ouriadov, Q. Chen, P. Lee-Sullivan and B.J. Balcom

Porous structure of treated rice grain by MRI abnd PGSE
A. Mohoric, J. Van Duynhoven, F. Vergeltdt, E. Gerkema, A de Jager and H. Van As

MRI of structure and convection in solidifying porous mushy layers
A.J. Sederman, P. Aussillous, H.E. Huppert, M.G. Worster and L.F. Gladden

Derivation of NMR response to permeability correlations from Xray-CT images
C.H. Arns, M.A. Knackstedt, M. Hunter and P. Callaghan

Significance of NMR-derived pore size using the grain and pore throat model
G. Chauveteau and M. Fleury

Magnetic resonance visualisation of flow in model fixed bed reactors with low aspect ratio
X. Ren, S. Stapf and B. Blümich

Hydration and setting of plaster materials
J. P. Korb, H. Jaffel, V. Morin and S. Boivin

Investigation of porosity and structure during the compression of fine particulate sediments
A. Erk, E.H. Hardy and W. Stahl

MRI measurement of water content in a polymer electrolyte membrane for investigation of membrane thickness effect on fuel cell performance
K. Teranishi, S. Tsushima and S. Hirai

Monitoring of mesoporous material inner pore surface morphology by multinuclear NMR
I.G. Shenderovich, D. Andreeva, G. Buntkowsky and H.H. Limbach

23Na and 35Cl transport in porous building materials as studied by NMR
J.H.R. Feijen, L.A. Rijniers, H.P. Huinink, L. Pel and K. Kopinga

Simulation of edge enhancement profile evolution in PGSE of spins in 1D pore
A. Duh and A. Mohoric

Systematic MRI investigations of stone conservation treatments with traditional and innovative hydrophobic products
M. Camaiti, V. Bortolotti, M. Gombia and P. Fantazzini

Sterically hindered bases as a probe molecules for surface structure analysis of mesoporous materials
D.V. Andreeva, I.G. Shenderovich, G. Buntkowsky and H.H. Limbach

Non-quadratic dependence of 1/T2 on echo spacing with pore-scale inhomogeneous fields in porous media
P. Fantazzini and R.J.S. Brown

Modulated gradient spin echo for probing molecular dynamics in porous media
I. Serša, A. Mohorič, J. Stepišnik

Multi-nuclei NMR (11B, 129Xe) studies on behavior of organic eletrolyte at charged and discharged states on activated carbon as an electrode for EDLC
K. Saito, K. Kanehashi, S.I. Lee, M. Satoshi and I. Mochida

A NMR study of the adsorption-desorption kinetics of dissolved tetraalanine in MCM-41 mesoporous material
S. Pizzanelli, S. Kababya, V. Frydman, M. Landau and S. Vega

The study of nanopores in coal using Xe and hyperpolarized Xe NMR spectroscopy
K. Saito, K. Kanehashi, A. Kimura and H. Fujiwara

Proposal of a flow induced relaxation mechanism in porous media
H. Tiraboschi, C. Mattea and R. Kimmich

Isotrope/Nematic transition within aqueous dispersions of charged anisotropic colloids detected by 23Na nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and 1H PGSE-NMR measurements
P. Porion, M. Al-Mukhtar, A.M. Faugere and A. Delville

Critical evaluation of reverse-flow testing of chromatography columns
D.J. Holland, A.P.J. Middelberg, L.F. Gladden and B. Akpa

Mobile NMR equipment for measurements of the pore size distributions of deep sea ocean drilling core samples
V. Anferov, S. Anferova, B. Blümich and P. Blümler

Spin-lattice relaxation of fluorinated gases in pores
A.F. McDowell and D. Kuethe

NMR acceleration mapping in fluid filled correlated percolation model objects
B. Buhai, A. Kühnle, M. Weber and R. Kimmich

Two-phase fast exchange dynamics in partially porous glasses studied by field-cycling NMR relaxometry
C. Mattea, I. Ardelean, E. Anoardo, S. Wonorahardjo and R. Kimmich

Nondestructive testing of PE pipes for gas and water transport
K. Kremer, B. Blümich, F. Casanova and J. Perlo

The freezing and melting phenomena in mesoporous materials as studied by 129Xe NMR
V. Telkki, J. Lounila and J. Jokisaari

Pore-size distribution measurement by the effect of internal magnetic field with spatial resolution by centric scan SPRITE MRI
Q. Chen, J. Rioux, Z. Zhang and B.J. Balcom

Electric current density mapping of porous model objects. NMR microscopy experiments and numerical simulations
B. Buhai and R. Kimmich

Grain and inter-grain porosity quantified in unconsolidated porous media by NMR relaxation
P. Fantazzini, V. Bortolotti, R.J.S. Brown, M. Gorbia and N.E. Daidzic

Probing the textural structure of mesoporous matrices by the slow dynamics of highly confined liquid crystals
J.P. Korb, P. Levitz, N. Léon and I. Bonalde

Different techniques to quantify pore-space lengths in porous rocks and artificial porous media
P. Fantazzini, A. Tucci and R. Viola

Topological criteria based thresholding technique of high-resolution magnetic resonance microscopy of mouse bone: a preliminary reproducibility evaluation
L. Pothuaud, S. Miraux, G. Raffard, J. M. Franconi and J. Amédée

Fracture and matrix porosity quantified in reservoir rocks by three-dimensional MRI image and relaxation time map analysis
V. Bortolotti, P. Fantazzini and M. Gombia

Baseline problems for some modulus-recorded CPMG T2 data
P. Fantazzini and R.J.S. Brown

Unsuspected radiofrequency heating of solid samples during Dynamic MAS NMR experiments
J.B. d’Espinose de Lacaillerie, N. Barros, N. Champavert and D. Reichert

Field-cycling NMR relaxometry of water in reversed micelles
G. Kassab, J.P. Korb and P. Levitz

A portable NMR system for remote measurements
R. Dykstra, P.T. Callaghan, C.D. Eccles and M.W. Hunter

NMR study of the vapor phase contribution to diffusion in partially filled silica glasses with nanometer and micrometer pores
I. Ardelean, G. Farrher, C. Mattea and R. Kimmich

NMR restricted diffusion experiments in porous media and emulsions
M. Fleury and F. Deflandre

The phase, structure and dynamics of water/ice at an SBA silica surface
J.B.W. Webber, J.H. Strange and J.C. Dore

Water in wood cell wall below fibre saturation
L.G. Thygesen, S.B. Engelsen and P. Hoffmeyer

Probing water molecules in cement blends usin 1H nuclear magnetic resonance relaxometry
J.Ph. Gorce, N.B. Milestone and S. Farris

Flow dynamics of fluid in a porous structure by NMR: GPA method
J. Stepisnik

Molecular structures and dynamics of water confined in fabricated one-hundred-nanometer-sized channels
T. Tsukahara, A. Hibara and T. Kitamori

Magnetic resonance imaging of in-situ saturation in porous media for CO2 geologic sequestration
T. Suekane, T. Ishii, S. Tsushima and S. Hirai

Phase transitions and dynamical properties of aromatic liquids confined in MCM-41 and SBA-15
G. Dosseh, C. Lequellec, N. Brodie, P. Levitz and C. Alba-Simionesco

2D exchange spectroscopy and 2D time domain NMR of water in MCM41
J. Liang, J. Hassan, C. Lemaire, R. Holly, and H. Peemoeller

Surface induced order and dynamic heterogeneity in ultra thin polymer films: 1H MQ NMR and spin-spin relaxation studies
B. Jagadeesh, F. Casanova, J. Perlo, D.E. Demco and B. Blümich