Schlumberger Research Center,
Cambridge MA, USA
13-17 July 2008
A special issue of:
AIP Conference Proceedings,1081 (2008)
Diffusion Fundamentals, volume 10 (2009)
Edited by:
Martin D. Hürlimann
Yi-Qiao Song
Paola Fantazzini
Villiam Bortolotti
The Meeting was organized by
with the further support of:
Spinlock SRL
Nova Medical
Limited Spectra-Physics
Alma Mater Studiorum, Università di Bologna
Tecmag, Inc.
T2 Biosystems, Inc.
ACT NMR Solutions
Westview Press
Bruker Biospin
Oxford University Press
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I. Ardelean
B. Blümich
P. Blümler
M. Britton
R. Brown
P. Callaghan
K. J. Dunn
P. Fantazzini
E. Fukushima
L. Gladden
J. Gore
F. Grinberg
G. Guillot
M. Hürlimann
J. Jokisaari
J. Kärger
I. Koptyug
J. P. Korb
K. Kose
G. Maddinelli
P. McDonald
N. Nestle
P. N. Sen
Y. Q. Song
S. Stapf
J. Stepisnik
H. Thomann
R. Valiullin
H. van As
S. Vasenkov
M. Vilfan
Ross Mair - Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
David Cory -
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Pabitra Sen -
Jerome Ackerman -
Massachusetts General Hospital
Christopher Sotak -
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
William Hersman -
University of New Hampshire
Samuel Patz -
Harvard Medical School
Ronald Walsworth -
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Pablo Prado -
T2 Biosystems (CMMR8)

The Conference was divided into 13 Sessions.
The Chairs were as follows:

Chair: Eiichi Fukushima

Welcome/Plenary Talks
Chair: Pabitra Sen

Porous Media
Chair: Paola Fantazzini

Chair: Siegfried Stapf

Signal Enhancement
Chair: David Cory

Flow and Chemical Engineering
Chair: Bernhard Blümich

Chair: Paul Callaghan

Flow in Porous Media
Chair: Ross Mair

Biological Applications
Chair: Christopher Sotak

Biological Applications
Chair: Jerome Ackerman

Chair: Samuel Patz

Energy/Mobile NMR
Chair: Yi Qiao Song

Mobile NMR
Chair: Bruce Balcom

Moving NMR
B. Blu¨mich, F. Casanova, E. Danieli, Q. Gong, M. Greferath, A. Haber, J. Kolz, and J. Perlo

Probing Multi-Component Systems in Porous Media Over a Hierarchy of Length-Scales
L. F. Gladden, T. C. Chandrasekera, E. J. Fordham, M. L. Johns, M. D. Mantle, J. Mitchell, M. H. Sankey, A. J. Sederman, and D. Weber

Multidimensional Correlation and Exchange Experiments Using Local Fields in Porous Media
L. Burcaw and P. Callaghan

Local Hydration Dynamics in Soft Matter by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization of 1H-Water
B. D. Armstrong, R. Kausik, and S.-I. Han

Quasi-Asymptotic Dispersion
U. M. Scheven, R. Harris, and M. L. Johns

Using Magnetic Resonance to Measure the Interplay of Structure and Transport in Porous Media
J. D. Seymour and S. L. Codd

Neural Tissue as Porous Media
P. J. Basser

Models and Applications of in Vivo Lung Morphometry with Hyperpolarized 3He MRI in a Mild COPD Population
J. D. Quirk, A. L. Sukstanskii, D. S. Gierada, J. C. Woods, M. S. Conradi, and D. A. Yablonskiy

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Applications to Unconventional Fossil Fuel Resources
R. L. Kleinberg and G. Leu

Compact Magnets for Magnetic Resonance
V. Demas and P. J. Prado


Propagator Resolved Transverse Relaxation Exchange Spectroscopy
K. E. Washburn, C. H. Arns, and P. T. Callaghan

The Heterogeneity Spectrum: A Method for Quantifying the Extent of Spatial Heterogeneity as a Function of Length Scale in Complex Materials
A. E. Pomerantz, P. Tilke, and Y.-Q. Song

Dynamics at Surfaces: Probing the Dynamics of Polar and A-Polar Liquids at Silica and Vapour Surfaces
J. B. W. Webber, J. H. Strange, P. A. Bland, R. Anderson, and B. Tohidi

Direct Probing of the Wettability of Plaster Pastes at the Nanoscale by Proton Field Cycling Relaxometry
J.-P. Korb and P. E. Levitz

High Resolution Q-Space Imaging Studies of Water in Elastin
G. Boutis, C. Renner, T. Isahkarov, T. Islam, L. Kannangara, P. Kaur, E. Mananga, A. Ntekim, Y. Rumala and D. Wei

MRI Pressure and Stress Measurement in Novel Homogeneous Soft Solids
R. Morris, M. Bencsik, N. Nestle, R. Kaur, P. Galvosas, and Y. Perrie

Investigation of the Heterogeneous Catalytic Decomposition of H2O2
L. Buljubasich, B. Blu¨mich, and S. Stapf

Improving Accuracy and Speed of NMR Flow Propagators Measurements in Permeable Rocks
J. Mitchell, E. J. Fordham, D. A. Graf von der Schulenburg, D. J. Holland, A. J. Sederman, M. L. Johns and L. F. Gladden

Characterization of Internal Magnetic Fields in Porous Media
H. Cho, S. Ryu, J. L. Ackerman, and Y.-Q. Song

Molecular Exchange between Intra- and Extracellular Compartments in a Cell Suspension
I. Åslund, A. Nowacka, M. Nilsson, and D. Topgaard

R2-Dispersion Simulation of Foam Microstructure
S. Baete and Y. De Deene

NMR T2 Inversion along the Depth Dimension
B. Sun, M. Skalinski, and K.-J. Dunn

Investigation of Molecular Exchange Using DEXSY with Ultra-High Pulsed Field Gradients
M. Gratz and P. Galvosas

Spin Dynamics Simulations of Multiple Echo Spacing Pulse Sequences in Grossly Inhomogeneous Fields
R. Heidler, H. N. Bachman, and Y. Johansen


Nuclear magnetic relaxation and diffusion of gas in partially water saturated natural soil
R. P. Choudhury and S. Stapf

Time-dependent diffusion coefficient of fluids in partially filled porous media
C. Mattea and S. Stapf

Poly(dimethyl siloxane) films adsorbed in Porous Media
S. Ayalur-Karunakaran and S. Stapf

Fast Field Cycling Relaxometry: From Saturated to Unsaturated Natural Soils
S. Haber-Pohlmeier and S. Stapf

Low Field NMR of Water in Soils. A Case Study
O. E. Sucre, F. Casanova, A. Pohlmeier and B. Blümich

Monitoring Water Fluxes in Porous Media by Magnetic Resonance Imaging using D2O as a Tracer
A. Pohlmeier, D. van Dusschoten, L. Weihermüller, H. Vereecken, and U. Schurr

Molecular motion and glass transition for ethylene glycol adsorbed in zeolites
O. F. Erdem, P. Sedykh and D. Michel

Studies of barium titanate embedded into mesoporous sieves and isolated barium titanate fine particles
P. Sedykh, J. Haase, D. Michel and E. V. Charnaya

Mixture diffusion in porous media studied by MAS PFG NMR
M. Fernandez, J. Kärger and D. Freude

MAS PFG NMR diffusion studies of liquid crystals and liquid mixtures confined in porous glasses
E. E. Romanova, F. Grinberg, J. Kärger and D. Freude

Diffusion in mesopores during melting and freezing processes
R. Valiullin, M. Dvoyashkin, A. Khokhlov and J. Kärger

Probing the meso- and microstructural heterogeneity of low dense networks with dendrimer probes and NMR/MRI diffusometry
G.-J. W. Goudappel, Magnus Nydén and J. P.M. van Duynhoven

Quantitative imaging of moisture ingress in cereal crackers: an SPI study
C. Windt, M. Witek, F. Vergeldt, E. Gerkema, J. van Duynhoven and H. Van As

Anomalous diffusion expressed through fractional order differential operators in the Bloch-Torrey equation
B.S. Akpa, O. Abdullah and R.L. Magin

Pore-Water Interactions in Hydrated Cement Pastes by NMR
V. Rodin, A. Valori and P. J. McDonald

Why you can’t use water to make Cryoporometric measurements of the pore size distributions in meteorites - or in high iron content clays, rocks or concrete
J. B. W. Webber, P. Bland, J. H. Strange, R. Anderson and B. Tohidi

1H and 23Na Imaging of Sodium Sulfate Crystallization in a Drying Porous Core
F. Marica, B. MacMillan, A. Hamilton, C. Hall and B. J. Balcom

Time dependent diffusion studies in partially filled nanometric and micrometric pores
G. Farrher, I. Ardelean and R. Kimmich

Magnetic Field Strength Dependence of correlated Internal Gradient-relaxation Time Distributions in Heterogeneous Materials
K. E. Washburn, C. D. Eccles and P. T. Callaghan

Monitoring of hydrocarbon uptake in highly conductive porous media using a unilateral NMR instrument
H. Adriaensen a, M. Bencsik a and S. Brewer

Microscopic wettability of carbonate rocks: a proton field cycling NMR approach
G. Freiman, J.-P. Korb, B. Nicot and P. Ligneul

Bloch-Siegert Effect in Magnetic Resonance Sounding of Aquifers
O. A. Shushakov

Internal Magnetic Field Gradients: Experimental Study
A.R. Mutina and V.D. Skirda

The H-1 NMR R1 of Some Hydrated Synthetic and Natural Sands
C. L. Bray, R. G. Bryant, M. J. Cox, G. Ferrante, Y. Goddard, S. Sur and J.P. Hornak

129Xe NMR of Xenon Trapped in Fully Dehydrated Mesoporous Silica referred to Molecular Sieves 5A and 13X.
M. Hattori, K. Hayamizu and N. Hata

Spin-lattice relaxation of SF6 in heterogeneous porous materials
J. Lounila, H. Tervonen and J. Jokisaari

Imbibition delay in porous media owing to thin low permeability surface layers.
V. Bortolotti, M. Gombia, A. Campagnoli, M. Camaiti, R. J. S. Brown and P. Fantazzini

Desalination of historical objects as studied by NMR
L. Pel, V. Voronina and K. Kopinga

Spontaneous crystallization of meta stable sodium sulfate as observed by NMR
T.Saidov and L.Pel

High resolution MRI to probe drying and barrier properties of coatings
S.J.F. Erich a,b, L. Pel a, H.P. Huinink a, V. Baukh a and O.C.G. Adan b

The formation of meta-stable sodium sulfate heptahydrate during drying in porous media as studied by NMR
T.Saidov and L.Pel

Impact of multi-scale moisture transport on durability of hardened cement pastes
H. Chemmi a,b, D. Petit a, P. Levitz a, J.-P. Korb a, C. Tourné-Péteilh c and J-M Devoisselle c

Molecular dynamics of ionic liquids confined in solid silica matrix for lithium batteries
D. Petit, J.-P. Korb, P. Levitz, J. Le Bideau, A. Vioux and D. Brevet

Surface Diffusion in Catalysts Probed by APGSTE NMR
D. Weber, M. D. Mantle, A. J. Sederman and L. F. Gladden

Kinetics and Microstructure of Hydrating Plasters
K. M. Song and L. F. Gladden

Understanding T2 relaxation times in hardening cement pastes using the NMR exchange and the Powers’ hydration models
F. Stallmach and K. Friedeman

Analysis of a Novel Ceramic Pore Structure using PGSE NMR
T. R. Brosten, K. V. Romanenko, S. L. Codd, J. D. Seymour and S. W. Sophie

Ion and polymer mobility in swelling hydrogels
J. Martins, T. Mang and S. Stapf

Time evolution of the “solid” and “liquid” 1H signals during cement paste hydration
V. Bortolotti, R. J. S. Brown, A. Campagnoli, P. Fantazzini, M. Gombia and F. Peddis

Time-dependent diffusion coefficient of proton in perfluorosulfonated membrane
T. Ohkubo, K. Kidena and A. Ohira

Liquid Crystals Constrained in Thin Film Capillary Investigated by DHK Spin Echo SPI Measurements
J. Zhang, R. MacGregor and B. J. Balcom

Application of low field and solid-state NMR spectroscopy to study the liquid/liquid interface in porous space of clay minerals and shales
A. Borysenko, B. Clennell, I. Burgar, D. Dewhurst, R. Sedev and J. Ralston

PFG-NMR and Goldmen-Shen study of water diffusion and cross-relaxation in polyelectrolyte multilayers
C. Wende and M. Schönhoff

Time dependent NMR spectroscopy on ionic ferrofluids
D. Heinrich a, A.R. Goñi b, L. Cerioni c,d, T. Osán d, D.J. Pusiol c,d and C. Thomsen a

TD-NMR investigation of the effect of curing-temperature on the hydration and porous microstructure development in cement
S. Ghosh and Z. H. Xie

Methodical aspects of 2D NMR spectroscopy under conditions of ultra-high pulsed field gradients
M. Gratz, C. Horch, S. Schlayer and P. Galvosas

Two-dimensional Laplace inversions applied to multi-component T2-T2 exchange experiments
R. Fechete, D. Moldovan, D. Demco and B. Blümich

Monte Carlo simulations of the two-dimensional NMR T2-T2 exchange of fluids in porous media
D. Moldovan, R. Fechete, D. Demco, E. Culea and B. Blümich

Using 2D Inverse Fourier Transformation to Observe Internal Magnetic Fields and Internal Magnetic Field Gradients
L. Burcaw and P. T. Callaghan

Two-dimensional NMR of Diffusion Systems
Y.-Q. Song, L. Zielinski and S. Ryu

Spatially Resolved Two-Dimensional T2-D MRI in Porous Media
L. Li, O. Petrov, B. Balcom

Diffusional coupling from T2-store-T2 NMR experiments in bimodal pore systems
M. Fleury and J. Soualem

Method and Experimental Study of 2-D NMR Logging
G. Liao, L. Xiao , R. Xie, S. Fu and H. Yu

Methodology on Searching for Similarities between the NMR Relaxation Spectra and Reference Logs
P. Romero

On the use of two dimensional inverse Laplace routines on NMR data
G. H. Sørland a, Å. Ukkelberg b and H. C. Widerøe c

A Fast Monte Carlo Sampler for NMR T2 Inversion
M. Prange

Signal Optimization in Inhomogeneous Fields: Application of Optimal Control Theory to NMR Oil-Well Logging
T. Borneman, D. G. Cory and M. Hürlimann

Split 180 Sequences
D. Freed, M. Hürlimann and U. Scheven

Measurements of diffusion, T1 and T2 in one-shot by MMME
X.-H.Ren, H. Cho and Y.-Q. Song

2 Double-PFG Diffusion-Diffraction in Ellipsoidal Pores
E. Ozarslan, C. G. Koay and P. J. Basser

Accurate RTOP Estimation from PFG-NMR Signal
E. Ozarslan, C. G. Koay and P. J. Basser

Measurement and simulation of the non-local dispersion tensor in porous media
M.W. Hunter, A.N. Jackson and P.T. Callaghan

Restricted self-diffusion in pure water measured by NMR
J. Stepišnik, I. Serša and A. Mohorič

Design of anisotropic fiber phantoms for the validation of diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging
E. Fieremans, Y. De Deene, S. Baete and I. Lemahieu

A numerical method to optimize presaturation sequences on multiexponential samples
M. Gombia, S. Sykora, V. Bortolotti, E. Vacchelli and P. Fantazzini

Study of water permeability and dynamics in micelle, vesicle and lipid bilayer systems using Dynamic Nuclear Polarization
R. Kausik, H. liang, E. R. McCarney, G. Stucky and S. Han

Enhanced Overhauser contrast in low field images of a gelling process
W. Barros

MRI with Hyperpolarized 3He and 129Xe at Very-Low-Field
R. W. Mair, W. Barros, R. Scheidegger, D. Chonde, M. S. Rosen and R. L. Walsworth

Accumulation of NMR Data in Polar Coordinates and Numerical Methods to minimize Systematic Errors
G. Ferrante, P. Golzi, D. Canina, G. Martini and C. Vacchi

Delayed-Focus Pulses in Projection Reconstruction
J. Varner and B. Newling

Optimal k-space Sampling for Single Point Imaging of Transient Systems
P. Parasoglou a, A.J. Sederman a, J. Rasburn b, H. Powell b and M.L. Johns a

A new theoretical insight on time-dependent diffusion coefficient
D. S. Grebenkov

Quantitative NMR microscopy of iron transport in methanogenic aggregates
F. Vergeldt, J. Bartacek, E. Gerkema, M. Osuna, J. Philippi, P. Lens and H. Van As

Asphaltene aggregation in crude oil studied by low field relaxation and diffusion measurement
L. Zielinski, D. E. Freed, M. D. Hürlimann, I. Saha

Chemical Resolution in T1-T2 correlations
T. C. Chandrasekera, J. Mitchell, E. J. Fordham, L. F. Gladden and M. L. Johns

NMR diffusion and relaxation studies of molecules confined inside core-shell polymeric capsules
I. Ardelean, M. Bogdan, C. Badea and A. Parnau

MRI Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Colloidal Dispersion Gels for Enhanced Oil Recovery
B. Babalola, L. Li, L. Romero-Zeron and B. Balcom

Characterisation of pulsing flow in trickle-bed reactors using ultra-fast MRI
T. T. M. Nguyen, A. J. Sederman and L. F. Gladden

Study of Miscible and Immiscible Flows in a Microchannel Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
B. S. Akpa, S. Matthews, A. Sederman, K. Yunus, A. Fisher, M. L. Johns and L. F. Gladden

Velocity and diffusivity mapping of water flow in a bead pack by a purely phase-encoded MRI method
Z. Yang, O. Adegbite, J. Varner and B. Newling

Touching-Vug velocity and exchange with matrix pores in models and samples from the Biscayne aquifer
L. Florea, S. Altobelli and K. Cunningham

Viscosity Prediction in Polymer Melts using Low Field NMR relaxation
B. Nicot, M. Fleury, J. Leblond and M. Djabourov

Diffusion tensor micro-imaging of articular cartilage as a probe of tissue microstructure
S. K. de Visser, J. C. Bowden, R. M. Wellard, K. Momot and J. M. Pope

Role inversion in magnetization exchange between water and macromolecular protons in articular cartilage components at different hydration levels
P. Fantazzini a, M. Gombia a, R. J. S. Brown b and F. Vittur c

GARField NMR profiling studies of human stratum coreneum and viable epidermis in vivo
P. J. McDonald a, S.Pitts a, E. Ciampi b, M. van Ginkel b and S. Singleton b

MRI Visualisation of the Moisture Ingress into Porous Tissue of the decayed teeth
W. P. Weglarz a, M. M. Tanasiewicz b, T. W. Kupka b, M. L.H. Gruwel c and B. Tomanek

Correlated analysis of the diffusion and T2 relaxation of water in multi-compartmental tissue of the spinal cord of a rat
W. P. Weglarz, P. Rosicka, T. Banasik and U. Tyrankiewicz

In vivo imaging of DDIF contrast in the Human Knee
E. E. Sigmund, R. Regatte, M. Schweitzer, Y.-Q. Song and Hyungjoon Cho

Helium Diffusion Kurtosis MRI of the Lungs
G. Johnson, R. Trampel and J. Jensen,

Toward accurate and precise S/V measurements of lung airspaces using noble-gas diffusion NMR
G. W. Miller, M. Carl, G. D. Cates Jr. and J. P. Mugler III

Human Pulmonary Function with Hyperpolarized 129Xe
S. Patz, I. Muradyan, M. I. Hrovat, F. W. Hersman and J. P. Butler

Magnetic Resonance Microscopy application to Biofouling in Porous Media
J. A. Hornemann, S. L. Codd, J. D. Seymour and K. Romanenko

MR spectral characterization of diffusion with chemical shift resolution: study of highly concentrated emulsions
S. Lasic, I. Åslund, N. Arteaga and D. Topgaard

Pore surface of cellulose as studied by Low-Resolution NMR
E. Nikolskaya, Y. Grunin, D. Karasev, J. C. Edwardsand L. Grunin

Spatial Microheterogeneity of Polyelectrolyte-Protein Coacervates revealed by 1H Pulsed Field
Gradient NMR diffusion study
A. R. Menjoge, A. B. Kayitmazer, P. L. Dubin and S. Vasenkov

Pore Opening and Closing in Biodegradable Polymers and its Effect on Mass Transport Studied by
NMR Cryodiffusometry
E. L. Perkins, S. P. Rigby, K. J. Edler and J. P. Lowe

Temporal correlation function around spheres and cylinders
C. H. Ziener, T. Kampf, V. Herold, P. M. Jakob, W. R. Bauer and W. Nadler

ANAHESS, a new second order inverse Laplace transform algorithm
Å. Ukkelberg, G. H. Sørland, E. W. Hansen and H. C. Widerøe

Uncertainties in the Assignments of Rock Porosities Obtained from Laplace Inversion of NMR
Relaxation Logs
I. Saha, J. Franck, T. Hopper, B. Sun and Y.-Q. Song

Numerical modeling of the carbonate and the sandstone formations
S. Ryu

Spin Dynamics Simulations of Multiple Echo Spacing Pulse Sequences in Grossly Inhomogeneous
R. Heidler, H. N. Bachman and Y. Johansen

A numerical analysis of NMR pore-pore exchange measurements using Xray-μCT techniques
C. H. Arns, Y. Melean, K. E. Washburn and P. T. Callaghan

Relaxation-relaxation exchange experiments with portable Halbach-Magnets
A. Haber, R. Fechete, J. Perlo, F. Casanova, E. Danieli, D. E. Demco and B. Blümich

Non-invasive NMR profiling of painting layers
F. Presciutti, J. Perlo, F. Casanova, S. Glögler, C. Miliani, M. Spring, B. Blümich, B. G. Brunetti and A. Sgamellotti

Single-shot depth profiling with a single-sided NMR sensor: application to skin measurements
E. Danieli, J. Perlo, F. Casanova and B. Blümich

Magnetic Field Gradient Monitor (MFGM)
H. Han and B. J. Balcom

Compositional analysis of materials with unilateral NMR
O. V. Petrov, I. V. Mastikhin and B. J. Balcom

Design methodology of a unilateral NMR apparatus
S. Utsuzawa, E. Fukushima and Y. Nakashima

Strategies and New Technologies for Improved Production of Hyperpolarized 3He and 129Xe
D. Chonde, W. Barros, C.-H. Li, M. Rosen, M. Barlow, R. W. Mair and R. L. Walsworth

Low cost CE-NMR with microcoils for chemical detection
J. L. Herberg, K. Adams, G. Klunder, V. Demas, V. Malba, A. Bernhardt, L. Evan, C. Harvey and
R. Maxwell

A new spin exchange optical pumping (SEOP) modality for hyperpolarized 129Xe production and use in porous media
M. J. Barlow, N. Whiting, P. Nikolaou, N. Eschmann, R. Mair and B. M. Goodson