When you arrange for your accommodation please keep in mind that we provide breakfast (included in the conference fee) at the conference site. The prices listed here are without breakfast (breakfast can be added at extra cost if you prefer to make your own arrangements). You need to make your booking till the 13th August 2010 using the keyword "MRPM 10".

"Motel One": 59€ per night.  Use the booking number 60 in addition to the above keyword.

"Hotel Ibis": Single/Double for 59€ / 69€ per night.

"Hotel Adagio": Single/Double for 54€ / 55€ per night. For this hotel you need to make your booking before the 30th July 2010.

"Hotel Mercure": Single/Double for 75€ / 81€ per night. This hotel accept bookings till the 23th August 2010.

Please contact the hotels by e-mail or phone. Online booking systems are unable to handle the keyword based reservations.

Accommodation at student dormitories.

Please note following things:

  • its 15 Eur per night
  • plus one time cost 23,50 Eur
  • so full prize for four nights is 83,50 Eur
  • there are no curtain at the windows :-) feel free to bring yourself
  • there are no towels either, you definitely want to bring those with you
  • we need a confirmation of you being a student (else you have to pay 7% more)
  • starting from 1st of July students are preferred until the end of the early registration (3rd of August)
  • please be prepared to pay the accommodation in cash at the conference desk upon check in. If you are not a student keep in mind the slightly higher price of 89.35 Eur.

The student dormitories are not available any more.