Welcome The 12th International Bologna Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media (MRPM12) will be hosted from Sunday 9th to Thursday 13th February 2014 by the Faculty of Sciences at the Victoria University of Wellington in Wellington, New Zealand. Part of the conference will be the 14th Colloquium on Mobile Magnetic Resonance (CMMR 14).   As in previous years the programme will continue to revolve around the methodology of magnetic resonance in porous materials and the many applications in civil engineering, petrophysics, biology, medicine and food sciences, to name but a few. With the CMMR incorporated it will also address the ever growing sector of mobile technologies and applications.   Although MRPM12 is travelling far from Europe this time it is still under the auspices of the Groupement AMPERE working in association with the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna.   You will find more information on the web page soon and we encourage you to express your interest to attend MRPM12 via the online form. It would help us in planning and organising the conference. For those of you who have already confirmed you will be attending the conference, please bear in mind the benefits of early flight bookings. However, there will be travel grants available for those who find it hard to cover their transport expenses.   Additional to the conference we are considering holding an NMR school “Basics of NMR in Porous Materials” which would address PhD students new (and not so new) in the field. Please come back and check the website, we will provide details as early as possible.    The conference will be organised by a local committee (chairman Petrik Galvosas) in close collaboration with the International Scientific Advisory Committee of the MRPM conference series and CONFER.    
Conference Secretariat: Conferences & Events Ltd  MRMP12@confer.co.nz
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